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Mud, gunfire and skinwalkers abound in “Blood Moon” trailer

Jeremy Wooding’s horror/western film Blood Moon is coming to a screen right in front of you this September, courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment and Jinga Films. (more…)

Werewolf, witch & transformation in “Plain Sight” concept posters

I have a new job. As I acclimate, I’ll have less time during breaks to check out things (particularly videos) that I might post here. That’ll change as I get settled in, but for now I’m going to switch into drive-by “check this cool thing out!” mode. First up: three concept posters for Plain Sight. (more…)

Syfy’s “Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf” trailer stole three minutes of my life

If you can’t guess what “whalewolf” means, try saying “werewolf” with your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth. There, you just pronounced the name of a human/wolf/orca hybrid, which is more fun than you’re likely to have watching this movie. (more…)

Werewolf gets top position in poster for upcoming “Goosebumps” movie

Werewolf News reader Drockan Firestorm just emailed me with an update (including a rad poster) for the upcoming Goosebumps movie, starring Jack Black and based on R.L. Stine’s kid-friendly/kid-traumatizing horror books from the 1990’s. (more…)

Mysterious sleepwalking episodes & GoPro camera reveal “Uncaged” werewolf

Practical effects and a willingness to show instead of tell are positive signs in this trailer for Daniel Robbins’ upcoming horror movie Uncaged, in which college student Jack (Ben Getz) uncovers the grisly details of his somnambulism. (more…)

Dwayne Johnson to battle Ralph the giant werewolf in “Rampage” film

Deadline is reporting that Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock, will star in a live-action feature film based on classic arcade game Rampage. First released in 1986, Rampage is the original Wreck-It Ralph, in which players destroy apartment buildings and highrises as George (the giant gorilla), Lizzie (the giant lizard / dinosaur) and Ralph (the giant werewolf[?!]). (more…)

Full Moon Features: Werewolf Cameos

In recent years, there seems to have been an uptick in films that feature werewolves, but don’t have them front and center. (more…)

Kate Beckinsale returns for Underworld’s 5th installment, “Underworld: Next Generation”

In a pattern as inexorable as life, death, the movement of the moon around the Earth or the ability of ants to get where they’re not wanted, another Underworld film is on the way. Underworld: Next Generation is in pre-production and will star vampiric kick-puncher Kate Beckinsale. (more…)

Grinning, werewolf-mask-wearing Mark Duplass is suitably creepy in “Creep” trailer

The laughing, leaping, clingy character played by Mark Duplass is definitely unnerving in soon-to-be-released found-footage film “Creep”, and it’s that childlike buffoonery that makes the last two scenes in this trailer genuinely scary. (more…)

Crowdfund WolfCop 2’s celebrity cameos & get killed on-screen

The sequel to Canadian horror/comedy WolfCop is “fully financed and ready to shoot”, but in keeping with its community roots, its production team has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help finance the most extraneous, fan-service-y and delightful part of any film: the celebrity stunt-casting. (more…)