Mysterious sleepwalking episodes & GoPro camera reveal “Uncaged” werewolf

Practical effects and a willingness to show instead of tell are positive signs in this trailer for Daniel Robbins’ upcoming horror movie Uncaged, in which college student Jack (Ben Getz) uncovers the grisly details of his somnambulism.

The trailer’s score and GoPro footage alone would be enough to get me on board, but let me tell you why I’m really interested in seeing Uncaged: it doesn’t look like it’s trying to be epic.

Jack’s little werewolf situation is obviously a family thing (his mother’s weird warning about being 18 and sick is a nice touch), but it looks like he’s got to deal with it on his own, and I want to see how he manages. I want a story about hidden cages, ominous tarps and the other practical problems a newly-self-aware lycanthrope has to deal with. I hope Uncaged delivers something along those lines, because I don’t think I can deal with another werewolf story featuring a friend who found a weird old book about curses at the library, or a gruff family friend with 10 minutes of dialog about ancient bloodlines from eastern Europe and “the secret your parents tried to keep from you”.

No word on release details yet, but according to The Wrap, American distribution rights were recently acquired by RLJ Entertainment. For more information as it becomes available, follow Uncaged on Facebook or Twitter.