Werewolf News was launched by Angela Quinton in 2008 to share links to werewolf-related films, comics, books, products, and anything else that fellow fans of lycanthropic horror might find interesting. She is joined by Craig J. Clark, whose monthly column Full Moon Features reviews werewolf movies (no matter how good or bad).

Posts here tend to focus on the darker, more horror-based incarnation of the lycanthrope, but I welcome readers (and encourage submissions) from all corners of the diverse werewolf fandom. I sometimes post reviews about the things I find, especially if they’re new, noteworthy, or should be avoided altogether – because let’s face it, not every werewolf movie or book is worth your time.

Werewolf News is on Twitter, and cross-posts to Tumblr and Facebook. The Facebook and Tumblr feeds are not generally maintained, and messages submitted through those sites are not read.

You can access the Werewolf News RSS feed directly here.

As of December 2014, this site is supported by Amazon.com and iTunes affiliate links to some of the products posted. You can also support Angela through Ko-fi.

The current Werewolf News design is a slight modification of Anders Norén’s beautifully simple theme Davis. There are no comments and no Google Analytics.