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The “Goosebumps” trailer is out & yeah, the werewolf’s pretty great

I have about 90 seconds before I have to be in a meeting so here’s the deal! The Goosebumps trailer debuted after a very short “unlock with a hashtag” campaign. As I was hoping, the werewolf is featured prominently, and despite being CG, is rendered with perfect levels of realism and cartoon villainy. (more…)

Short film “The American Werewolf Project” has a unique werewolf costume & weird backstory

This movie has such a weird history I’m not sure it even exists, and I’m afraid to rent it and break the illusion. According to its Vimeo page, The American Werewolf Project is a “throwback to the 1980’s B-Horror and camp style films”. (more…)

Mysterious sleepwalking episodes & GoPro camera reveal “Uncaged” werewolf

Practical effects and a willingness to show instead of tell are positive signs in this trailer for Daniel Robbins’ upcoming horror movie Uncaged, in which college student Jack (Ben Getz) uncovers the grisly details of his somnambulism. (more…)

Q&A with “Hair of the Dog” filmmaker Michael Butts

In May I posted about Michael Butts’ fundraising efforts for his short film “I’m a Werewolf, but that’s OK!”. Today I’m happy to share with you a short Q&A with Michael, as well as some news about the film’s length (it’s getting longer) and title (it’s changing).


Grinning, werewolf-mask-wearing Mark Duplass is suitably creepy in “Creep” trailer

The laughing, leaping, clingy character played by Mark Duplass is definitely unnerving in soon-to-be-released found-footage film “Creep”, and it’s that childlike buffoonery that makes the last two scenes in this trailer genuinely scary. (more…)

Teaser trailer for “Howl of a Good Time”

This 60-second teaser for Patrick Rea‘s short film about kids sneaking into a private film screening pays off at the end, when we discover why the screening was private in the first place. (more…)

Four gruesome teasers for short film “I’m a Werewolf, but that’s OK!”

I got a frustrating email on Monday. It contained no message or subject line, only a link to a GoFundMe campaign, and I was annoyed. If I’m going to spend my time learning about your thing, I want you to spend a moment to tell me why. Then I clicked the link, annoyance turned into grossed-out delight, and I pledged twenty bucks. (more…)

Gory, effects-heavy trailer for “Howl” officially released to ruin your commute

It’s back! After some not-so-patient waiting, the official trailer for “werewolves on a train” horror film Howl has officially been released as an exclusive on Empire Online. This is the same trailer that caused such a ruckus two weeks ago, and watching it again this morning, its gore and practical werewolf effects are every bit as good. (more…)

New trailer for “werewolves on a train” film HOWL is bloody fantastic [updated]

The new trailer for Paul Hyett’s upcoming film HOWL is out, and it’s got everything a werewolf horror fan could want: a fish-in-a-barrel setup, gore, at least two characters you’ll love to hate (and watch get mauled), transformations, claws, screaming, and more gore. (more…)

Trailer for “Blood Redd” promises a gory take on our favourite fairytale

From Tomcat Films comes Blood Redd, another twist on the Little Red Riding Hood / Big Bad Wolf story. (more…)