Gory, effects-heavy trailer for “Howl” officially released to ruin your commute

It’s back! After some not-so-patient waiting, the official trailer for “werewolves on a train” horror film Howl has officially been released as an exclusive on Empire Online. This is the same trailer that caused such a ruckus two weeks ago, and watching it again this morning, its gore and practical werewolf effects are every bit as good.

Empire is hosting the trailer themselves and they’ve disabled embedding, so head over to watch it – it’s worth spending a few MB of mobile data on, if you’re currently tethered to your phone like I am. If you’d rather wait to see it on a bigger screen, check out some juicy screen grabs below, right after this quote from the Empire piece that explains why Howl already has some bonus points in my book.

As his make-up effects background might imply, [director Paul] Hyett is eschewing CGI beasts and taking a more American Werewolf-inspired practical approach to lycanthropy in the film, which will arrive to terrorise the British public transportation system later this year.

Many thanks to producer Ed King for letting me know the trailer had gone up this morning.

Note the blood splatter in the lower left of the window in this first screen grab. SO GOOD.

Howl Trailer 1

Howl Trailer 2

Howl Trailer 3

Howl Trailer 4

Howl Trailer 5

Howl Trailer 6

Howl Trailer 7

Howl Trailer 8