Grinning, werewolf-mask-wearing Mark Duplass is suitably creepy in “Creep” trailer

The laughing, leaping, clingy character played by Mark Duplass is definitely unnerving in soon-to-be-released found-footage film “Creep”, and it’s that childlike buffoonery that makes the last two scenes in this trailer genuinely scary.

From The Verge:

This movie certainly seems to live up to its name. Creep is the latest low-budget horror film out Blumhouse, so you can probably imagine its found-footage vibe and perpetually eerie atmosphere. It’s about a cameraman who spends a day filming a weird dude out in the forest, and things appear to get really messed up as the day goes on.

And even moreso once night falls. The scene I’m referring to in the title of this post finds Duplass’s “weird dude” silently standing at the end of a dark hallway, blocking the exist, wearing an elaborate werewolf mask. Something about the silence and pacing of that shot makes the hair stand up on my arms.

Creep is getting some good reviews, so there may be more instalments on the way. Earlier this year, Duplass, who plays the titular creep, told Moviefone that despite scheduling challenges, he and director Patrick Brice want to make two more films.

So is this actually a werewolf movie? I have a hunch that it’s not – why would a werewolf have a werewolf mask? – but there’s definitely an unnerving lupine presence. From a recent interview with EW:

I don’t think I’m spoiling anything to say that there is a fantastic wolf, or werewolf, mask in the film. Did you have that made? Or is that something I can buy in a store?
MD: Depending on the success of the film, you may have a chance to be wearing this thing for Halloween. Let’s just see how many clicks we can get on Netflix. That will determine a lot of it.

You can help Creep get those Netflix clicks starting July 14th, and it’s currently available for preorder on iTunes, ahead of a June 23rd release.