New trailer for “werewolves on a train” film HOWL is bloody fantastic [updated]

The new trailer for Paul Hyett’s upcoming film HOWL is out, and it’s got everything a werewolf horror fan could want: a fish-in-a-barrel setup, gore, at least two characters you’ll love to hate (and watch get mauled), transformations, claws, screaming, and more gore.

I’d like to embed the trailer, but its Vimeo privacy settings are currently preventing that. If the settings change, I’ll update the post. For now, you can view it directly on Vimeo.

Update 2015-05-11 8:05 AM: the trailer has officially been released on Empire. Go check it out!

Update 2015-04-27 11:45 AM: I’ve just heard from HOWL producer Edward King, who says the trailer wasn’t actually meant to be public yet – it was meant for Cannes sales purposes. He’s asked that I take the link down for now. It’s a shame, since the trailer (and the response I’ve seen from readers so far) is stellar, but of course I’m glad to comply. As soon as there’s a public release, I’ll update this post again. My comments on the trailer’s contents still stand, though!

I haven’t been this excited for a werewolf movie since I saw the first trailer for WolfCop, and I don’t think I’ve been this into a straight-up horror film ever. I love the look of the shadowy werewolves (those glowing eyes are a great touch) and – dare I say it? – I even buy the digitigrade legs. It’s great to see some practical effects in use for the creature near the end, too – she looks like a bitten passenger in the midst of transforming.

I can’t find release date information and the official site is sparse, but the release of the trailer and a new poster (seen above) hopefully means they’re ramping up for festivals and an eventual theatrical release. I’ve reached out to see if I can get a press kit or any other details, which I’ll definitely share here.

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