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The “Goosebumps” trailer is out & yeah, the werewolf’s pretty great

I have about 90 seconds before I have to be in a meeting so here’s the deal! The Goosebumps trailer debuted after a very short “unlock with a hashtag” campaign. As I was hoping, the werewolf is featured prominently, and despite being CG, is rendered with perfect levels of realism and cartoon villainy. (more…)

Mysterious sleepwalking episodes & GoPro camera reveal “Uncaged” werewolf

Practical effects and a willingness to show instead of tell are positive signs in this trailer for Daniel Robbins’ upcoming horror movie Uncaged, in which college student Jack (Ben Getz) uncovers the grisly details of his somnambulism. (more…)

Revisiting the werewolf from “The Cabin in the Woods”

Among all the films I blow my fanboy trumpet for on this site, 2012’s The Cabin in the Woods is my favourite. It’s smart, scary, really funny, and it ends with a smash cut to credits that’s guaranteed to make me head-bang every time. And of course, it’s got that excellently designed, practically achieved werewolf. (more…)

See Mike Hill’s life-size, life-like “Aurora Wolfman” statue up close and personal

If you made it to Monsterpalooza last month, you probably saw Mike Hill‘s superb “Aurora Wolfman” statue in the hairy almost-flesh. I couldn’t make it, having used up all my vacation time for my HowlCon trip, but friend of Werewolf News @Hoof_Pony was there to save the day. (more…)

14 werewolf items up for grabs at Rick Baker Monster Maker auction

The Rick Baker Monster Maker auction is coming up at the end of May. The event at the Hilton Universal City in Los Angeles contains over 400 items from the make-up effects wizard, and I’ve gone through them all to find the werewolves for you. (more…)

Three fashionably hairy werewolf film & TV prop limbs

I tried on an Apple Watch earlier today, but now I’m thinking there’s a way to accessorize my limbs that’s less ostentatious and more distinctive: werewolf hands, feet and leg props for sale at Prop Store. Here are three lycanthropic lots currently for sale. (more…)

Local makeup school turns local writer into local wolfman

Fan Expo Vancouver hit my town two weekends ago, and as part of the event’s celebration of geek culture, monsters and creature effects, two New Image College makeup artists turned Vancity Buzz contributor Andres Markwart into a wolfman for your time-lapse video enjoyment. (more…)

Travis Betz & Max Landis recreate no-budget “American Werewolf In London” transformation

I missed this when it first came out last summer but it’s the sort of thing that keeps indefinitely. Screenwriter and director Max Landis stood in for David Naughton in a bare-bones shot-for-shot remake of the famous transformation scene from his father’s film An American Werewolf in London. (more…)

IMATS interview with the man who sculpted the most famous hand in werewolf cinema

AWIL handAn iconic example of body horror introduces the most famous werewolf transformation in cinema: David Kessler stares in terror as the palm of his outstretched hand slowly elongates. The claws haven’t appeared yet, but it’s not David’s hand anymore. Sculpting that hand was one of Tom Hester‘s first assignments as a make-up effects artist. (more…)

Tom Spina Designs builds “An American Werewolf Puppy in London” [updated]

Tom Spina and his colleagues at Tom Spina Designs have been working on this cuddly killing machine since December. It’s a custom request from a client: a werewolf “puppy” inspired by Rick Baker’s work in An American Werewolf in London. (more…)