Three fashionably hairy werewolf film & TV prop limbs

I tried on an Apple Watch earlier today, but now I’m thinking there’s a way to accessorize my limbs that’s less ostentatious and more distinctive: werewolf hands, feet and leg props for sale at Prop Store. Here are three lycanthropic lots currently for sale.

[featureblock img=”” title=”Alpha Werewolf Insert Hand – Teen Wolf” link=”” button=”Learn More”]

This arm insert has been made from foam rubber and attached to a plastic pipe. Alpha’s monstrous hand has been crafted with elongated fingers with curved bloody claws, and has realistic hair than has been hand-punched into the creatures arm. The material has been painted with stunning detail, and textured to appear dirty and rough.

[featureblock img=”” title=”Werewolf Hand and Feet Appliances – Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV)” link=”” button=”Learn More”]

This is a set of werewolf hand and feet appliances created for an unknown episode of Joss Whedon’s popular series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Carefully crafted out of foam latex this set of werewolf extremities feature realistic beast-like detailing with long gray hairs attached along the top sides, as well as viscous claws constructed out of resin.

[featureblock img=”” title=”Werewolf Leg – The Howling film series” link=”” button=”Learn More”]

This beautifully sculpted special effects leg was used in a scene where a close up of the star werewolf’s leg kicking was needed. The leg is made of rubber with plugged black, brown and grey hair, with muscular definition, black toe nails and an air pump that can be seen at the top of the leg and runs down the inside of the leg so that it protrudes at the back of the foot… Is in good condition for its age with only slight damage of a small tear in the skin.

On May 29th, Prop Store will be hosting the Rick Baker: Monster Maker live auction at the Universal Hilton in Los Angeles. Bids will be accepted in person, over the phone and online. To check out the 400+ items available, you can order a physical copy of the catalog or browse through a PDF copy now. I’ve been downloading the PDF while writing this post (seems like it’s a huge file) and if there’s any werewolf stuff in there, expect a post about it soon!