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See Mike Hill’s life-size, life-like “Aurora Wolfman” statue up close and personal

If you made it to Monsterpalooza last month, you probably saw Mike Hill‘s superb “Aurora Wolfman” statue in the hairy almost-flesh. I couldn’t make it, having used up all my vacation time for my HowlCon trip, but friend of Werewolf News @Hoof_Pony was there to save the day. (more…)

14 werewolf items up for grabs at Rick Baker Monster Maker auction

The Rick Baker Monster Maker auction is coming up at the end of May. The event at the Hilton Universal City in Los Angeles contains over 400 items from the make-up effects wizard, and I’ve gone through them all to find the werewolves for you. (more…)

Three fashionably hairy werewolf film & TV prop limbs

I tried on an Apple Watch earlier today, but now I’m thinking there’s a way to accessorize my limbs that’s less ostentatious and more distinctive: werewolf hands, feet and leg props for sale at Prop Store. Here are three lycanthropic lots currently for sale. (more…)

Tom Spina Designs builds “An American Werewolf Puppy in London” [updated]

Tom Spina and his colleagues at Tom Spina Designs have been working on this cuddly killing machine since December. It’s a custom request from a client: a werewolf “puppy” inspired by Rick Baker’s work in An American Werewolf in London. (more…)

First photo of the eponymous werewolf from “Big Bad”

1313FX’s Tom Devlin recently had a brief chat with Dread Central (you guys! always getting the exclusives!) about his creature work on the upcoming upcoming horror/dark comedy film “Big Bad”. There’s also a longer, rather interesting discussion with producer Rick Moore about the film’s story (three kids locked in an abandoned prison overnight are stalked by something sinister), its production ethos (Monster SquadThe Goonies and Gremlins are mentioned) and the production’s approach to the creature effects:

“You read a lot about some filmmakers who don’t like CGI and want to do everything old school and also those who swear by the freedom that computer-assisted effects give you. We are actually firmly in the middle. We knew from the beginning we wanted a detailed, scary monster on set – one that could emote and perform everything written in the script. 1313FX and Brad Bishop completely delivered on this front. For some more complex scenes we may duplicate parts of the monster or enhance a set in order to achieve a certain shot that would have been too difficult or expensive under our time and budget restraints.”

The Dread Central article is accompanied by a number of in-progress makeup photos and an image of the film’s poster, but the one photo I think you’ll be most interested in doesn’t seem to be there anymore, despite Horror-Movies.ca posting it and crediting Dread Central as the source. Weird. Anyway, the photo I’m referring to is of the werewolf creature effects. Check it out below.

I’m not going to lie to you, Marge. I like it. There are definitely some things I would do differently with the creature design (somebody get this werewolf some Dream Cream), but damn if he isn’t rather scary. And check those abs!

Read the Dread Central article or visit the official “Big Bad” Facebook page for more info.

Hat tip: ArcLight

The Most Bad-Ass Werewolf Suit of Halloween 2010

Christopher Reeves sent me this photo of the werewolf suit he put together for Halloween 2010. Let’s all just stare at it in silent jealousy for a moment, shall we?

My inspiration was “American Werewolf of London” meets “Underwold”. The head and legs were sculpted and cast in latex using a kit from Monster Makers. The stilts were based off of the Gryphern design and slightly modified. The teeth and gums were sculpted and cast using dental acrylic. The body is a spandex body suit that I sewed the muscles into and painted latex on top of it. The forearms and eyes are the only items I actually purchased. Then everything was airbrushed and fur was added. I also installed some led booklights from the dollar store behind the eyes to make them light up.

There’s nothing about this suit that I don’t love. The fur, the colouring, the face, the claws. Nice flippin’ work, Christopher. You set the bar pretty high for next year!

Werewolf Costume Photo sets: Wolf Woman Macabri / Bailey and Paige as David Kessler & Jack Goodman

Readers sometimes share their makeup photos with me, and at this time of year the levels of effort and quality go through the roof. Here are two separate shoots that I really enjoyed.

Macabri – Wolf Man

You might recognize Macabri from a wolfed-out photo set back in July. In this more recent shoot she swaps the glam for the horror, and the results are fantastic.

Photographer: Rick Basaldua
MUA/Hair: Chrissy Lynn
Werewolf Face Piece: Michael Spatola
Editing: Macabri

Bailey & Paige as David & Jack

Bailey Quillin sent me this photo of she and her friend Paige. I’m going to let her describe what’s going on.

…my best friend Paige and I dressed as David Kessler and Jack Goodman from An American Werewolf in London to watch the annual Little Five Points Halloween Parade in Atlanta, Georgia. Our makeup was a strange mixture of gore and drag, since we are actually both girls with shoulder length hair. Our friends at the Junkman’s Daughter had a hard time recognizing us in costume. This was also my first attempt at FX makeup.

I declare these two the winners of the Werewolf News costume contest that I should have started a month ago but instead just made up right now. Flippin’ fantastic. To see more photos of this startlingly faithful makeup / costume situation, check this post on Bailey’s blog. There’s also a more recent post showing she and her boyfriend as a mid-transformation punk rock werewolf and Teen Wolf, respectively. Great work!

Arrow In The Head gives us a first look at a “Howling Reborn” werewolf

Arrow In The Head is responsible for me fruitlessly using the “Sharpen” filter in Photoshop a whole lot this afternoon. They’ve got an exclusive first look at one of the werewolf designs being used in “The Howling Reborn” via a blurry photo from the set. I’m not sure who sent them the photo, but it came with this description:

The werewolf you see below is one of the henchmen werewolves. Flat snout. The head werewolves have the classic HOWLING sticking out snouts. I know you’re all better people for knowing this.

Conspicuously missing from that description is an explanation of the giant ears, the smaller-than-a-human’s nose and the Henry Rollins neck. Partial credit for originality and using practical effects instead of CG, but c’mon. Whoever approved the maquette for this design obviously look at it from the side.

Update: okay, it’s not as bad as that. I got carried away. There are definitely things I’d change about the design, but overall it’s pretty cool.

Hat-tip: @Karwood_Pub via @_Mjollnir_

Yes, there’s a werewolf in “13 Hrs”, and here it is!

Fresh from Shock Till You Drop, here’s a first look at the werewolf from the upcoming horror movie “13 Hrs”. Yikes!

There are two more, both showing some of the body, so go check them out if you’re curious.

13 Hrs premieres Saturday, August 28th at the London FrightFest in Leicester Square, London. I can’t go, being on a totally different continent, but if you’re lucky enough to see it… I hate you. Tell me what it was like.

Sweet “Wolfman” Prosthetic Arms & A Distressed-Looking Animatronic Werewolf

I saw @CreatureCompany mention this on Twitter this morning, and it definitely met my criteria for posting here (I clicked and said “whoah, that’s cool!”, which is all it really takes). Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props is a blog dedicated to exactly what you’d expect. This morning, its proprietor Jason posted a bunch of photos he took at a recent display of “Wolfman” props at Universal Studios Hollywood. If you’re into the movie or creature effects, I suggest you go have a look. Here are two photos I cribbed from Jason’s post: