Local makeup school turns local writer into local wolfman

Fan Expo Vancouver hit my town two weekends ago, and as part of the event’s celebration of geek culture, monsters and creature effects, two New Image College makeup artists turned Vancity Buzz contributor Andres Markwart into a wolfman for your time-lapse video enjoyment.

This is cool because it happened a five minute walk from where I’m sitting right now, and I think time lapse makeup transformation videos are fascinating, especially when the victim subject is being turned into a werewolf. I’m not totally sold on the aesthetics of the final result – it’s a little too “shaggy dog / bearded survivalist crazy person” for my taste – but there’s no denying that April Beer and Amelia Drescher did a great job with the time and materials at hand. It might have been nice if Vancity Buzz had mentioned their names in the article!

Inspired by the classic 1941 Universal Pictures’ monster The Wolfman, and the 2010 remake starring Benicio del Toro, writer and actor Andres Markwart spent a couple hours getting re-acquainted with spirit gum, crepe hair and makeup galore as the transformation took place, even without a full moon.

Andres Markwart Wolfman