Crowdfund WolfCop 2’s celebrity cameos & get killed on-screen

The sequel to Canadian horror/comedy WolfCop is “fully financed and ready to shoot”, but in keeping with its community roots, its production team has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help finance the most extraneous, fan-service-y and delightful part of any film: the celebrity stunt-casting.

This is a strange campaign but I can understand the premise – people love it when big-time celebrities drop in to weird indie films for a scene or two. Folks like Bill Murray, Robert Downey Jr. and Tina Fey have a habit of popping up where you least expect it, and while it’d be nice to think they do it for the love of film, they need to get paid. That’s where this campaign comes in.

The fact is we’d LOVE to make an offer to one of those famous types, but we only have enough money to make the movie. We’re going to need a little extra $upport from YOU to tantalize one of your heroes into accepting a juicy roll in the sequel and as everyone already has some idea of who they want to see, the rest is up to you.

We want YOU to tell us! Who is your HERO? Who do you want to see tearing across the big screen with WolfCop? It could be an actor, musician, athlete, a celebrity personality, anyone! The sky’s the limit, so let your imaginations run wild. Depending on the feedback we get from fans, there could be more than one!

WolfCop MakeupEvery contribution to the campaign earns you three “hero tickets” that you can use to suggest your favourite movie star, athlete, celebrity chef or Vine personality. At the end of the campaign, all of the suggestions will be aggregated, and offers will be made to those people who are most viable, using the raised funds as the deal-sweetener.

In addition to the hero tickets, perks include:

  • Shout outs from WolfCop on social media
  • Props from the WolfCop 2 set
  • Get yourself in the movie
  • Get killed by WolfCop himself
  • And Indiegogo exclusive T-Shirts!

In the campaign video, Lowell Dean says “WolfCop 2 promises to be what T2 was for Terminator.” He’s referring to bigger fights, explosions and spectacle, but I’m going to use my hero tickets to suggest Edward Furlong and Danny Cooksey, and then hope for a scene where they flee from WolfCop on a dirt bike after ripping off an ATM.