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Full Moon Features: WolfCop

As a regular contributor to this site for the past four years, I’ve been privy to production details of a great many werewolf films at all stages of their development. There is none, however, that I’ve heard more about than the Canadian horror-comedy WolfCop. (more…)

Gory, effects-heavy trailer for “Howl” officially released to ruin your commute

It’s back! After some not-so-patient waiting, the official trailer for “werewolves on a train” horror film Howl has officially been released as an exclusive on Empire Online. This is the same trailer that caused such a ruckus two weeks ago, and watching it again this morning, its gore and practical werewolf effects are every bit as good. (more…)

Emaji Entertainment to reboot “The Howling”, hopefully do it right this time

Bloody Disgusting and several other horror news outlets are reporting that Emaji Entertainment has acquired the rights to the 1981 classic werewolf horror movie “The Howling”, and plans to remake it as the first in a series of reboots. Hooray, but also… oh no. (more…)

New trailer for “werewolves on a train” film HOWL is bloody fantastic [updated]

The new trailer for Paul Hyett’s upcoming film HOWL is out, and it’s got everything a werewolf horror fan could want: a fish-in-a-barrel setup, gore, at least two characters you’ll love to hate (and watch get mauled), transformations, claws, screaming, and more gore. (more…)

Full Moon Features: Meridian

It’s rather appropriate that this month’s Full Moon Feature was actually produced by Full Moon Entertainment. In fact, 1990’s Meridian was one of the first films made by Full Moon after Charles Band’s previous company, Empire Pictures, folded. (more…)

Full Moon Features: Wolves

Three months into 2015, I’m still playing catch-up with many of the werewolf films that came out last year, but failed to make it out to my neck of the woods. (I’m not exaggerating much when I say it pains me to think that the last one I saw in a theater was 2012’s Underworld: Awakening.) Today’s selection is the simply titled Wolves, which seems to promise a back-to-basics tale, but that’s not what it delivers. (more…)

Trailer & synopsis for Malaysian horror-comedy WEREWOLF DARI BANGLADESH

TwitchFilm has a trailer and synopsis for director Mamat Khalid‘s horror-comedy film Werewolf Dari Bangladesh. The trailer’s not dubbed or subtitled, but it looks suitably nuts. (more…)

“In The Lost Lands”: Milla Jovovich searches for lycanthropy in George R.R. Martin film adaptation

As reported yesterday by The Hollywood Reporter, Milla Jovovich is in “final negotiations” to star in a film that adapts three George R.R. Martin short stories called “In The Lost Lands”. Jovovich would play Gray Alys, a sorceress who is hired by a queen to acquire the power of lycanthropy. (more…)

Full Moon Features: Cursed

Ten years ago this month, Wes Craven’s Cursed hit theaters, and he couldn’t have picked a more apt title for what turned out to be a remarkably troubled project. (more…)

Current & upcoming werewolf movies: theatrical & home releases

Note as of 2017-07-07: this page is about a year out of date, but will be getting a HUGE update in the next few days!

Did you lose track of all the werewolf movies coming out lately? I did, and it’s kinda my job to keep tabs on them all! Here’s a cheat sheet to help you keep up on releases and plan your purchases or pre-orders.


  • Underworld: Blood Wars. The Underworld saga continues. Directed by Anna Foerster and starring Kate Beckinsale. Currently in post-production, with a theatrical release planned for January 2017.
  • The Wildness. Stoner ski-bum versus rich-kid werewolves. As of March 2016, in pre-production near Vancouver, Canada. Directed by Marcel Sarmiento.
  • Bad Vibes, starring Elijah Wood. A psychedelic werewolf cult versus “squares” in 1969. Was set to shoot in Austin in October 2015, so it’s probably in post production now.