Werewolf, witch & transformation in “Plain Sight” concept posters

I have a new job. As I acclimate, I’ll have less time during breaks to check out things (particularly videos) that I might post here. That’ll change as I get settled in, but for now I’m going to switch into drive-by “check this cool thing out!” mode. First up: three concept posters for Plain Sight.

Plain Sight is an independent film currently “in development with RO Pictures”. UK-based photographer and digital artist Cal O’Connell wrote the script and created these three concept posters, which depict “Lilly, the werewolf protagonist” and “her Witch best friend, Kat”.

I couldn’t find any more details on Plain Sight, but it looks like RO Pictures is currently at work on The Dark Below, another film for which Cal did some great images. I don’t know what’s going on over there in York, but I like the looks of it!

lilly_the_werewolf___concept_photo_by_soulmarch-d8vpjqr plain_sight___teaser_poster_2___character_concept_by_soulmarch-d8vpk1q plainsight_teaser_poster_by_soulmarch-d8sfeix