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Kickstarter & Indiegogo werewolf projects that rely on contributions from fans like you.

The alchemy of “Bleeding Heart” rescues a werewolf & paves the way for “The Glass Scientists”

It’s my first day back on the grind after two weeks holiday. When my alarm went off at 5:20 I considered my usual pre-work rituals and found that a two mile run was out of the question. Instead I stayed in bed for 30 minutes looking at Tumblr, and discovered Bleeding Heart and The Glass Scientists. Best decision of the day. (more…)

Back the “What We Do In The Shadows” Kickstarter & get a “Werewolves Not Swearwolves” t-shirt

The folks behind What We Do In The Shadows are running a Kickstarter to fund their independent release of the film in America, and in the spirit of inclusiveness and good manners, they’re making this incredible “Werewolves Not Swearwolves” t-shirt design available as a backer reward. (more…)

French survival-horror film “Cold Ground”

With the capering skeleton of Halloween locked away for another 11 months and the silhouette of Santa pawing at your frosty windows, you may be wondering the same thing I am: how can I get some werewolf horror up in this wintery weather? French director Fabien Delage and production companies Fright House Pictures and Redwood Creek Films have your answer: survival-horror film Cold Ground, which is the subject of an Indiegogo campaign to raise $12,000 USD to cover production costs.

The campaign describes the film as “Blair Witch meets the Descent in the snow” with “a distinctive 70s flair reminiscent of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. It will “deal with cattle mutilations, extreme environment survival as well as cryptozoology and the deadliest secrets of Nature”. Conspicuously absent from their marketing materials is any mention of “loup-garou” or “werewolf”, but one look at the poster or the footage from the campaign and it’s pretty clear what’s going on.

Cold Ground is scheduled for a January 2015 shoot in the French Alps, with creature design and gore effects by American company Dapper Cadaver and French makeup artist David Scherer. The campaign and its supporting materials have the look of an outfit that knows what it’s doing – the cast is solid, the budget is modest but sensible, and director Delage already has award-winning short film The Wild Diaries and ongoing TV series Dead Crossroads to his credit.

I’m not a big fan of found footage films, but this one seems like it’s got a solid foundation, some wicked-looking (probable) werewolves and a ton of snow. Have a look at the backer rewards (there’s some neat stuff in there) and contribute if you can!

Cold Ground poster

Preorder the complete 216-page “Who Needs The Moon?” graphic novel

For the last year, Canadian comic creator Todd McCullough has been writing, drawing, and self-publishing his stellar werewolf horror comic “Who Needs The Moon?” as “pay what you want” PDFs. With the series at the halfway mark, and with plans to complete the remaining for issues by the end of 2014, Todd’s teaming up with Under Belly Comics and Kickstarter to publish the entire series as a 216 page full-colour book. (more…)

Check out indie horror comedy short “She-Wolf Of The Woods”

This Werewolf Wednesday, I want to share with you She-Wolf Of The Woods, an independent horror comedy short film by UK filmmaker Adriana Polito. (more…)

Spooky Sleepover Kickstarter featuring “Dinner and a Werewolf”

Any pitch that opens with the line “A haunted toilet” is going to be good. “Spooky Sleepover” is a full-colour 72-page all-ages comic collection being Kickstarted by Dave Scheidt and Jess Smiley. It features three original stories written by Dave and illustrated by Jess: “The Terror of the Toilet”, “The Horribly Haunted Bike” and (yes, you guessed it) “Dinner and a Werewolf”. I’m a huge fan of Dave’s writing, and Jess’s art combines infectious energy with timeless, storybook colours. They’re collaborating on Spooky Sleepover because, as Dave puts it, “we like monsters, we like funny comics, we like writing stupid jokes.” (more…)

Lance Polland’s “Werewolves In Heat” has Ron Jeremy, no Manischewitz

I recently received an email from Lance Polland, a filmmaker whose two most recent projects were Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (featuring “Sister Mary Chopper”) and Crack Whore (switchblade revenge against rapist hillbillies). His latest film is Werewolves In Heat, which he describes as “‘The Hangover’ meets ‘Werewolves on Wheels’ with a dash of ‘American Pie'”. (more…)

Murder your friends as a secret werewolf in “Black Forest”

I relate to board games the way a novice surfer might regard the ocean. There’s fun to be had in the shallows, but I know the real experience is out where unknown dangers could be lurking in the deep darkness below. I know how to rack up the Victory Points in Settlers, but I wonder if it might not be time to paddle out… to the Black Forest? And catch a big wave? Okay, time to rethink this surfing metaphor, it doesn’t really – (more…)

Kickstart the “Tales of the Wolfman” multi-artist anthology

Tales of the Wolfman creators David Gruba and Rene Castellano have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a 48-page, multi-artist Tales of the Wolfman anthology. (more…)

Get a little WolfCop in your life / in your home / on your body

Every time the creators and filmmakers behind WolfCop come up with something new, I holler like a maniac and run in an excited circle. Friends, I’ve been hollering and circling all morning. Yesterday they launched a $10,000 Indiegogo campaign to “take WolfCop beyond the big screen”, and its centrepiece is a little WolfCop to call your own. (more…)