Kickstart the “Tales of the Wolfman” multi-artist anthology

Tales of the Wolfman creators David Gruba and Rene Castellano have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a 48-page, multi-artist Tales of the Wolfman anthology.

Tales of the Wolfman is an Instant Press Comics series that observes the unconventional domestic bliss that arises when Little Red Riding Hood decides to marry the Big Bad Wolf (instead of letting some burly dude chop him up with an axe). Adding to my delight at this premise is the twist that the Wolf is actually a wolfman with a posse of monster friends, and that Red kind of looks and acts like the lady who married me instead of giving me the axe.

There are two shorter Tales of the Wolfman books out already, and for this new one David and Rene are looking to raise $5,000 USD, which will cover the cost of printing the books and paying the lengthy list of contributing artists. That list includes folks like Justin Casteneda, Dave Scheidt (whose Monster Dudes comics I adore), Lee O’Hanlon, Angel Onofre, Ali Cantarella, Tony Maldonado, Greg Sorkin, Lauren Burke, Brian Babendererde, Sara Mundt (can’t find a link, sorry, Sara), Wil Brendel, Catherine and Sarah Satrun, and more.

So you’ve got a comic series with an adorable premise, two great books out already, and an army of talented comic creators who want to make even more for you. In exchange for your support, you can get the new book (duh), the previous two, original art, and even an appearance as a character in the anthology. Why not skip that fancy corporate coffee or that artisanal locally micro-brewed wheat ale or whatever, just one time, and put that money towards this instead?

Oh boy, I’m starting to use Marc Maron guilt tactics now. BOOMER LIVES!