Get a little WolfCop in your life / in your home / on your body

Every time the creators and filmmakers behind WolfCop come up with something new, I holler like a maniac and run in an excited circle. Friends, I’ve been hollering and circling all morning. Yesterday they launched a $10,000 Indiegogo campaign to “take WolfCop beyond the big screen”, and its centrepiece is a little WolfCop to call your own. For $75 USD, you can get a 7.5″ vinyl figure with 16 points of articulation, sculpted by WolfCop creature FX artist Emersen Ziffle and produced by Erick Scarecrow of ESC Toys. There’s also a $200 limited edition deluxe version for the “big kid collector”, with some upgraded materials and extra perks to sweeten the deal.

WolfCop Graphic Novel PreviewWolfCop T-Shirt

There are a ton of other levels, with rewards including VIP screening tickets, getting listed in the DVD / Blu-ray credits, an exclusive t-shirt, a print of that bad-ass poster, and even something at the $2 level that involves SnapChat and “WolfCop’s fleeting moments in heat”. Everyone who contributes at the $15 level or higher also gets a digital copy of the first WolfCop graphic novel from Arcana Studios, with two more entries in a potential trilogy as a stretch goal.

I’m already contributing at the $75 level, but I’m considering ruining myself financially in order to obtain the single $10,000 USD “Unleash Your Inner WolfCop” reward. That’s the one where Emmersen flies to your town and transforms you into WolfCop – latex appliances, fur, claws, uniform and all. Interesting that the cheapest and most expensive backer levels get you intimately acquainted with WolfCop’s fur.

The campaign runs until May 16th and they’re already over halfway funded, so I think they’re gonna make it.

Oh, and two more things: a sincere thank-you to Sarah and the WolfCop team for choosing me as one of the winners in their draw for a signed-by-Lowell print of this great set still! And if you’re at Fan Expo Vancouver tomorrow, I will be there too, saying hi to the WolfCop folks – and to you too!