Preorder the complete 216-page “Who Needs The Moon?” graphic novel

For the last year, Canadian comic creator Todd McCullough has been writing, drawing, and self-publishing his stellar werewolf horror comic “Who Needs The Moon?” as “pay what you want” PDFs. With the series at the halfway mark, and with plans to complete the remaining for issues by the end of 2014, Todd’s teaming up with Under Belly Comics and Kickstarter to publish the entire series as a 216 page full-colour book.

The goal is $3,000 CAD, all of which will enable Under Belly to “produce the highest quality book possible”, “without cutting corners”. Most Kickstarter projects are speculative in some way, but this one is refreshingly confident and direct: if you contribute $20 CAD or more, you’ll get a copy of the book in the mail in March. The more you contribute above that point, the more copies you get, along with some postcards, a poster or an original sketch by Todd.

As I’ve said before in no uncertain terms, Who Needs The Moon? is one of my favourite comics of all time. If it only ever existed as PDFs I would have been just fine, but I’m thrilled that there’s going to be a physical copy. Todd’s work here is phenomenal, and worthy of support – I’ll be contributing shortly, and I urge you to do the same!