Check out indie horror comedy short “She-Wolf Of The Woods”

This Werewolf Wednesday, I want to share with you She-Wolf Of The Woods, an independent horror comedy short film by UK filmmaker Adriana Polito. Adriana spent £3,000 ($5,000 USD) of her own money to write, direct and produce the  “homage to horror films and popular culture from the 70s, 80s and 90s”, and she’s made it available to stream or download for an extremely reasonable £2 – £3 ($3.40 – $5 USD). Here’s the synopsis from the web site:

Our short film, SHE-WOLF OF THE WOODS is an extraction from one of the story strands in our feature film of the same name. In it, we take a glimpse into the world of Amy Shields, a beautiful and unlikely forest ranger. Amy is a She-Wolf’s apprentice and has a taste for flesh. She likes her women for fun and her men for food. Bound to her master through an ancient curse, Amy spends her days scouting the Scottish Highlands for loners and fulfilling her ritualistic duties in the ways of the hunt.

And here’s the trailer via Distrify, which also has integrated streaming and download options.

I’m no film expert (that’s Craig’s deal) but this looks like it was put together on a much higher budget than the cost of a used car, and it shows the vision and confidence of someone who should be sending out for coffee while hunkered down in an editing bay, not making coffees for cranky commuters. I’ve purchased the HD version and will be watching it post-haste. I encourage you to do the same!