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Technical and administrative notes about Werewolf News dot com.

Win a “Wolf-Girls” prize package from Hic Dragones

Wolf-Girls Prize PackWant to win some free books? Of course you do! Enter this giveaway from publisher Hic Dragones and you could win paperback copies of The Tattooed Wolf by K. Bannerman, Blood and Water by Beth Daley, and werewolf short story anthology Wolf-Girls, plus a Wolf-Girls tote bag in which to store your winnings. The competition closes on June 30th, and international entries are welcome, so unless you are scared of books or winning, you have no excuse to not enter. (more…)

The winds of change: a socially conscious Werewolf News reboot

Welcome, friends. This week marks the six year anniversary of Werewolf News, and it also marks a major milestone in the site’s editorial vision. (more…)

Come see me at Vancoufur 2014

If you live in the Vancouver area and you’ve ever wanted to take me to task in person for my controversial opinions on lycanthropic topics, this weekend is your chance. Starting at 11AM Thursday the 27th (tomorrow!) and running through Sunday March 2nd, my wife Tandye and I will be running a table in the Dealers’ Den at Vancoufur. (more…)

Where AQ at?

Hi everyone! I apologize for the lengthy drought in posts, particularly at this most werewolfy time of year. Werewolf News is mostly just one person – me – posting stuff (Craig J. Clark’s Full Moon Features column being the primary, and most awesome exception) and due to work obligations, I simply have not had the time or energy to keep up with the site lately. That really sucks, because there’s a lot of cool stuff going on – WolfCop is well underway, issue #4 of Rachel Deering’s Anathema arrived for Kickstarter backers (warning, it contains spiders, ugh), and I’m sure there’s tons of comics and film-related happenings that I don’t know about because I haven’t had the mental cycles to pay attention.

However, there is light at the end of this boring, werewolf-less tunnel. I have accepted a position at a different company – one closer to my home, and which will likely afford more time for things that aren’t work, or thinking about work, or waiting for texts about work. That means I’ll have more time for the projects I love – writing, the SRA (new site coming, and new products too, I promise), and posting awesome werewolf stuff here.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience, for your readership, and for being super rad people in general!

HOWLING: A Beast Conceived

Howling is a whirlwind of loud, fast, and thrashing heavy fucking METAL, with an emphasis on extremely catchy headbanging riffs meant to summon forth the powers of darkness! Their debut album, A Beast Conceived, contains 10 songs of raging, blood-crazed horror Death/Thrash violence with ripping guitar solos and female death metal vocals that sound like a possessed she-wolf chewing her way out of hell!

Werewolf News Redesign 4

This is the fourth redesign of Werewolf News since I launched the site in 2008, and the first to not feature my werewolf mask/bust as a major design element. It’s a custom design built on the Skeleton responsive boilerplate, and is meant to eliminate clutter and appease those readers who missed white text on a dark background. More importantly, it clears the way for two new kinds of posts, both of which you will start seeing in the coming weeks. If you find any bugs, please leave a comment on this post (making sure to include your browser name and version). I hope you like it!

Help pick new werewolf films for Craig J. Clark to watch & review

DavidNot a full moon has passed since August 2011 without a new Full Moon Feature appearing on Werewolf News. Craig J. Clark‘s authoritative posts on the successes and failures of werewolves in cinema have been an honour to host and a pleasure to read, and if, like me, your every synapse craves more, we need your help. Recently, Craig wrote to me to say that while he’d like to continue writing Full Moon Features, “..I’m starting to run low on werewolf movies that I haven’t seen. (My count is up in the mid-80s at this point.) Have you ever gotten any through the site that you think I might want to have a look at?”

I thought I had, Craig, but as it turns out, most of them never actually made it to production. Silver Bullet might be good, though – who doesn’t love Gary Busey? – and maybe Wolfen, too. I’d like to get some reader input as well. Below is a list of werewolf movies that Craig has seen. Those for which he’s written Full Moon Features are italicized. Can you, dear Werewolf News Reader, think of any that Craig hasn’t seen but ought to? Are there any on the list that you’d like him to write about? Please share your recommendations and requests (and maybe a word of praise for a guy whose posting schedule has been more reliable than my own) in the comments section.


SRA discontinuing Extended Registration Certificates and ID Cards

Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew, and running the Supernatural Registration Authority is definitely a bone too tough to gnaw through on my own. That’s why I’m discontinuing the part of the SRA that involves me having to physically make and ship things. If you’d like to receive in the mail a certificate or a photo ID card proclaiming your status as a registered werewolf (or one of several dozen other non-human entities), you have until Sunday night to place your order.

The SRA will continue to exist, and I’m going to create a self-service option for people who want to register and then print out their own detailed certificate (the one I mail people, not the free one everyone gets). The current set-up just takes too much time to maintain – time I’d rather spend finding things to post here on Werewolf News.

Werewolf News readers can use promo code STFUVAMPIRES to get 15% off, because you guys and gals are awesome.

Responsive Redesign

Werewolf News has a new design, based on a total re-write of the WordPress theme. This time around the site has been built on the Skeleton responsive framework, meaning the design will adapt itself to the screen width of your device (try resizing your browser window the smallest it’ll go – neat, huh?). I’ve also updated the navigation, re-arranged the post area, and moved most of the ads from Google to Project Wonderful (which will let me run my own ads when there aren’t any bids).

Skeleton is really solid, but if you find any glitches, please let me know by posting a comment on this thread (and please include your OS, and your browser + version).

Werewolf News was taken down by vampires

If you tried visiting any time between Tuesday afternoon and late Wednesday morning, you probably weren’t able to get to the site, or if you were, you got an unhelpful PHP error. This happened because of vampires.

Well, not really. It happened because my web host had a non-specific and totally fixable “issue” – one they can’t (or won’t) explain. One that took this and every other site I host down for 17 hours. One that they wanted to credit me $3 for when I complained. I have no proof that the company involved is run by vampires, but I don’t know how else one would explain that level of weak-kneed dip-shittery. So, vampires, right?

Everything seems to be fine now, but I am in the process of moving this site (and all the others) for the second time in two weeks – only this time I’m not moving from server to server at the same company. I’m moving to a new host. The transfer should hopefully go smoothly, and once Werewolf News and its brothers and sisters are safe in their new home, I’ll be able to spend my “personal project” time posting new stuff here instead of yelling at unhelpful tech support agents.

Thanks for your patience and support, and if you see any vampires, please kick their asses for me.