If You Can See a Fantastic Creature in Your Head, Trust its Creation to Tim Peirson

The werewolf in the background image of this site is actually me, wearing a mask I commissioned from the inimitable Tim Peirson in 2004. A few months ago I sent the mask back to Tim to be “retired” into a display piece– it was too fragile to be worn anymore, and it needed some paint touch-ups and repairs to areas where the latex skin had ripped. Tim offered to put fake eyes in the sockets and I gladly accepted– the price was very reasonable and he had done such an excellent job building “Wolfy” that I was sure whatever work he did now would be well worth it. Suffice it to say, I was not expecting this. Holy shit. He didn’t just restore the piece, he turned it into a thing far finer than the original (amazingly crafted in its own right). The original mask was just that: a mask, with the same rough coverage as a football helmet. Now it’s a head & shoulders bust that looks more detailed and lifelike than ever. Like the title says: if you can see a fantastic creature in your head, trust its creation to Tim Peirson– he’s a spectacular artisan and one of the most generous people I’ve ever met.