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Ten More Werewolf Finds on Etsy

A search for “werewolf” on Etsy returns an avalanche of nickel-plated trinkets and Twilight-inspired Regretsy fodder, but a little patience and digging can uncover things that will trigger your “impulse purchase” reflex (I did it to myself the last time I posted something like this – I couldn’t resist Pat O’Lupus, who looks great on my wall). Here are a few neat items that may interest you.

Werewolf Love cards by atpalicis

“4 x 6 inches / 10 x 15 cm. Printed on smooth white 300gsm paper using professional Xerox printer.” If you have a lady (or sensitive fellow) in your life who likes werewolves as much as you do, giving them this card will win you some points. If you think this is cute, consider this Red Riding Hood print by the same artist.

Pink She-Wolf by amigurumi

“Pretty in pink, preened and picture perfect — here sits the female of the werewolf species! This crocheted amigurumi doll sits at about 7″ tall and 7.5″ across. She wears a dark pink skirt and bow. Doll is embellished with felt features and embroidered details and stuffed with a polyfill stuffing.” This is basically my wife in doll format.

Teenage Werewolf by Haunted Cove

“Printed on heavy cotton rag archival paper, using professional grade UltraChrome inks. Each print is individually signed by the artist, Justin Parpan.” I have a hard time saying “no” to a rockabilly werewolf.

Werewolf by JCStilesArt

“13×19 giclee print. Fine art reproduction of original watercolor and ink artwork.” Beautiful. I love the classic style of the lines and the vibrant yet melancholic colours.

Wolfington Guten Monster by GutenMonsters

“This dashing lycan with flowing hairs / attracts many looks and longing stares. Handcrafted plush werewolf, approximately 25 inches tall.” He looks like a plush werewolf Vince Noir. This pleases me.

Werewolf Masquerade Mask by Masquefaire

“This Big Bad Wolf has teeth that cannot hurt you–they are soft. The fur is feathers. Suede leather ties for easy on, easy off and firm hold. Light weight paper mache and cooler on the skin than leather or plastic.” Gorgeous! If I was fancy enough to attend masquerades I’d buy this instead of including it here.

Poker Fright by Dave Perillo

“It’s a mad monster poker party… this oiginal illustration created by cartoonist Dave Perillo based off the classic ‘dogs playing poker’ paintings features a royal flush of monsters, including Dracula, the Mummy, Frankenstein’s monster, the Wolfman & the Creature from the Black Lagoon.” Terrible pun in the title aside, I’m a sucker for cartoon art that looks like it came from the 50’s.

Werewolf Monster Wallet by ShopGhoulieGirls

“He’s tough enough to hold all your stuff! Plenty of pockets to hold all your cards and cash!” Look at him. JUST LOOK AT HIM.

Black and Tan Paper Mache Wolf Mask by sanssoucistudios

“Mask measures 12L x 13W x 8H. Cast in a combination of Celluclay and Paperclay. Painted in acrylics, fitted with adjustable velcro straps and padded inside for comfort. Haired with black Kanekalon hair.” Tribal without being cheesy. Apparently you can wear this, but I’d just mount it as an art object.

“Klonkin Jan” Plush Werewolf by AlyshellsCraftShack

“Klonkin Jan the cuddly plush toy! He measures 11 inches from head to toe. His body is made from super soft, caramel colored faux fur. His underlying structure is squishy upholstery foam. Klonkin comes with a hand sewn pair of swim trucks for those hot summer days at the beach, and a cozy scarf for when it gets a bit chilly!” Go read his backstory on the detail page. It involves radiation and brain soup.

New “Ravenous” Werewolf Mask from The Horror Dome: Needs Visine but Still Dang Scary

Around this time last year, The Horror Dome released a great “Big Bad Wolf” werewolf costume, then followed it up with a baby werewolf puppet (as awesome as it sounds). This year they have a new werewolf mask called “Ravenous”. I like it.

It’s got more of a “wolfman” look than last year’s Big Bad, but that definitely works for an over-the-head latex mask that’s not likely to have the internal structural support for a decent muzzle. I’m digging the hand-laid fur and the gnarled skin texture, and those dirty fangs are great, too – dental hygiene is important, but a proper werewolf isn’t going to have much to do with floss. Some of you will undoubtedly comment that it’s a very ape-like design, but I’m seeing way more “monster” than “primate” here, and I think it’s a great sculpt (other than those massive ears, but those seem to be par for the course with masks like this). One other downer, as the title of this post suggests, is those bloodshot eyes. I’m sure they’re meant to convey monstrous rage and insanity, but to me they just make the poor guy look hung over (or like he’s just had a good cry).

Overall, I quite like this mask, and for the asking price of $59.99, I think the good points outweigh the flaws. The Horror Dome is taking pre-orders for July delivery, so if you want to get one, now’s the time!

Hat tip: Russell

Life-Sized “Werewolf of London” Mask (or Bust) by Steve Neill

You might not know who Steve Neill is. I didn’t when I first saw this link in my inbox, but after digging around on his site and looking him up on IMDB, I came to realize that I had seen his special effects work in some of my favourite 80’s movies. He sculpted (and performed one of) the monster arms that burst out of Dana Barrett’s chair in Ghostbusters, for pete’s sake!

Steve is still doing masks and props, and one of his latest creations is this mask of the Werewolf of London as played by Henry Hull. He details its creation on his blog, from the initial sculpture to the finished mask. Yes, “mask”. Despite the fact that the eyes are filled in the photos, Steve is selling mask versions for $225 US (scroll down). You can also get it foam-filled with glass eyes, which I suppose makes it a bust. This isn’t exactly the kind of werewolf I dig, but it’s a classic, well-crafted by a guy who’s been doing it longer than most of us have been alive. Love your work, Steve!

Animatronic Werewolf Mask by Gadget FX

Gadget FX is a special effects company based in Spain, and buried deep within their dreadfully Flash-based web site is a page dedicated to the creation of a whole-head animatronic werewolf mask. There are some photos of the sculpt and build process, and an interesting video that shows the whole effort from start to finish. I like this design a lot, except for those ridiculously large ears. What is it with that? Anyway, nice work, Gadget FX!

Update: Werewolf News reader Foxdie found a direct link to the video on YouTube, so I’ve embedded it here.

Composite Effects Releases Another Insanely Realistic Mask: Lupus the Wolf

Composite Effects makes some of the most amazingly life-like monster masks and gloves I’ve ever seen (check out the videos on the product pages to see what I mean). They’ve just released a mask that’s got me checking the balance in my savings account: Lupus the Wolf is “perfect for howling at the full moon. A wolfman in the most animalistic form, the mask will turn you into a savage beast even on a moonless night.” I like the design, particularly the ears and the creases around the muzzle, although seeing a hairless werewolf is a little strange at first. I can understand not wanting to include hair or fur as a built-in part of a silicone mask, though. A shaggy wig would work well, and maybe it’s just me, but Lupus looks like he needs to be rocking some big muttonchop sideburns.

The mask is available in hand-painted brown or gray, and costs $500 US. If you think that’s steep, you didn’t look at any of the videos yet, did you. Did you. Composite Effects guys: if you make werewolf gloves to go with this mask, I’ll have no recourse. Hat tip: David Peters.

UPDATE: Wes from CFX emailed me with word that while they haven’t made gloves specifically to go with the Lupus mask, they can do an alternate paint job on the Orlock gloves that will match the werewolf mask. Yellow nails? Friends, I am sold.

Down & Dirty Deluxe Werewolf Costume (and a Baby Werewolf Puppet)

The folks at The Horror Dome aren’t screwing around. Not only will they apply themselves diligently to ensure that your Nightmares Come True, they will also make sure you have your Halloween 2010 werewolf costume squared away by July. That’s when you can expect to receive your Big Bad Wolf (Studio Werewolf Costume) if you order now. I’m not going to lie to you: this werewolf might want to get his bilirubin levels checked, and he definitely needs to wash his face. But for $500, this setup looks pretty awesome. Those hands look great, and it’s nice to see some werewolf feet that don’t look like they belong to a hobbit in need of a pedicure.

They also sell a baby werewolf puppet. I’m going to say that again: a baby werewolf puppet. Look at this thing. I want one so I can take it to the playground with all the other responsible parents and pretend to bottle-feed it (because let’s face it, bottle-feeding is the only option with a kid like this).

Thanks to Russell for the links!

If You Can See a Fantastic Creature in Your Head, Trust its Creation to Tim Peirson

The werewolf in the background image of this site is actually me, wearing a mask I commissioned from the inimitable Tim Peirson in 2004. A few months ago I sent the mask back to Tim to be “retired” into a display piece– it was too fragile to be worn anymore, and it needed some paint touch-ups and repairs to areas where the latex skin had ripped. Tim offered to put fake eyes in the sockets and I gladly accepted– the price was very reasonable and he had done such an excellent job building “Wolfy” that I was sure whatever work he did now would be well worth it. Suffice it to say, I was not expecting this. Holy shit. He didn’t just restore the piece, he turned it into a thing far finer than the original (amazingly crafted in its own right). The original mask was just that: a mask, with the same rough coverage as a football helmet. Now it’s a head & shoulders bust that looks more detailed and lifelike than ever. Like the title says: if you can see a fantastic creature in your head, trust its creation to Tim Peirson– he’s a spectacular artisan and one of the most generous people I’ve ever met.

Video for Jet’s “She’s a Genius” – Bike-riding Werewolf Girl on the Prowl

Werewolf News reader Leon Kruse sent me a link to this music video for “She’s a Genius” by Jet, from their album Shaka Rock.

“In the interview that Video Hits had with Jet,” writes Leon, “they said that the werewolf in the video is meant to be a cross between teenwolf and chewbacca, and the original video idea came from a 60s bike safety video were all the people were wearing animal masks.” I’ve seen that bike safety video (“One Got Fat“) and I’ve seen Star Wars, and I don’t recall Chewbacca being as big an instigator as this leonine werewolf girl. That poor guy’s ice cream! Thanks for the link, Leon.

How To Build A Realistic Werewolf Costume

This isn’t exactly new, but it is completely awesome. Last October, MIss Monster posted step-by-step instructions on how she built her rather amazing black werewolf costume. Check it out!

Miss Monster\'s Werewolf Costume