New “Ravenous” Werewolf Mask from The Horror Dome: Needs Visine but Still Dang Scary

Around this time last year, The Horror Dome released a great “Big Bad Wolf” werewolf costume, then followed it up with a baby werewolf puppet (as awesome as it sounds). This year they have a new werewolf mask called “Ravenous”. I like it.

It’s got more of a “wolfman” look than last year’s Big Bad, but that definitely works for an over-the-head latex mask that’s not likely to have the internal structural support for a decent muzzle. I’m digging the hand-laid fur and the gnarled skin texture, and those dirty fangs are great, too – dental hygiene is important, but a proper werewolf isn’t going to have much to do with floss. Some of you will undoubtedly comment that it’s a very ape-like design, but I’m seeing way more “monster” than “primate” here, and I think it’s a great sculpt (other than those massive ears, but those seem to be par for the course with masks like this). One other downer, as the title of this post suggests, is those bloodshot eyes. I’m sure they’re meant to convey monstrous rage and insanity, but to me they just make the poor guy look hung over (or like he’s just had a good cry).

Overall, I quite like this mask, and for the asking price of $59.99, I think the good points outweigh the flaws. The Horror Dome is taking pre-orders for July delivery, so if you want to get one, now’s the time!

Hat tip: Russell