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Technical and administrative notes about Werewolf News dot com.

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Personal Update: The Priority of Werewolves

Despite the great stuff people have been sending me lately, posts on Werewolf News have been a little less frequent than I’d like. This is due in part to the scarcity of hours outside my “day job”, and also as a result of the number of side projects I’ve taken on. I’ve learned from painful, shameful experience that it’s unwise to talk about such side projects until each one has already been quietly launched and live for a week or more, so I won’t get into specifics, but I will say that there are three of them, they’re web sites, and each is a collaboration with some extremely talented people that I’m lucky to work with. You’ll see two of them next month sometime, and the third in time for Halloween.

I am a big believer in the Merlin Mann style of Getting Things Done. Mann & Dan Benjamin’s Back To Work podcast literally changed my life. Part of that discipline establishes the impossibility of having more than one priority – a “priority” being something you focus on to the exclusion of everything else. As much as I would love to make Werewolf News my sole priority outside of my relationship and my “day job”, I have these three projects that have been at various stages of completion for months or years. I’m coming to realize that if I don’t focus on each one, make it a priority and get it done, I’m just going to keep toting around the stress and anxiety that comes with unfinished work, and that shit will just distract me from doing anything about anything.

Werewolf News is going through a slow period right now, but it’s still very much alive. Expect things to pick up as Summer peaks, and in the meantime, you might like to follow me on Twitter, and please accept my thanks for being a reader and / or contributor.

A Little Vacation

After a pretty lively week, Werewolf News is going back on a bit of a break until August 2nd – I am headed to the heat and humidity of Chicago. I’ve got some cool stuff lined up for when I get back, though, including the introduction of a special guest column that will run for the better part of a year.

See you next Tuesday!

Werewolf News gets a redesign

Werewolf News lurched its way onto the web in 2008, and it’s had the same design the whole time – a design I sketched out on a DoubleTree notepad while stuck on a flight from Colorado. After three years and over 500 posts I thought it might be time for a redesign, so here it is! I’ve centered the layout, reduced the clutter, improved the typography (no more white text on black), moved the commenting system to the Disqus platform (don’t worry, all your old comments are still here) and generally tidied things up. There will be a few more tweaks and improvements over the weeks to come, so if you find anything that looks particularly broken, please comment on this post and I’ll have a look.  Thanks, and I hope you like it!

Track 1 of David Bowie’s album “Hunky Dory”

Just a heads-up: the site will be getting a visual and functional overhaul over the week, and things might look a little weird in the meantime. For instance, I upgraded the commenting system over the weekend, but it’ll look a little weird until I can theme it properly. Don’t be frightened.

Supernatural Registration Authority to donate all March proceeds to Red Cross Japan Disaster Fund

Hey everyone. I’m doing a thing over on that other site I run to try and help the relief effort currently underway in Japan. Friday’s earthquake and the subsequent tsunami (and potentially imminent nuclear disaster) are going to take a lot of time, effort and money to clean up. If you’d like to help, you can donate directly to the American or Canadian Red Cross (the UK Red Cross isn’t yet accepting donations for Japan specifically) or you can buy a $5 physical registration document from the Supernatural Registration Authority– I will be donating all of the SRA’s proceeds for the month of March to the Canadian Red Cross’s Japan Earthquake/Asia-Pacific Tsunami fund. If you’ve been on the fence about registering as a werewolf (or any of the other indexed supernatural entities), now’s a good time– you’ll get a cool license document to show off your supernatural status, and your money will go to an extraordinarily worthy cause.

Say “Hi” to the new Comic Book Guy

Greetings, wolf-fans. I’d like to introduce myself; I’m Mike, and I’ve been a fan of the site for some time, and a fan of werewolves for considerably longer — say around 15 or 16 years. I got talking to Andrew on Twitter, and approached him about doing some writing here. After some discussion, he recruited me — well, I say recruited, there was some biting involved — and here I am. For the time being, I’ve been assigned to review comics, and I plan to write features about the unfortunately-cancelled Willow Creek, along with the three-issue miniseries Thicker Than Blood. At the time of writing, we’re still awaiting a response from a couple of comics publishers regarding a Hellboy story featuring werewolves, and a series of issues based on the Werewolf: The Apocalypse RPG.

In the meantime, you can catch up with me on Twitter as @electricdog — with the help of a number of fellow lycanthropic connoisseurs, I instigated the #werewolfwednesday hashtag, which has become mildly popular — or you can take a look at my Tumblr, which features werewolfry on a regular basis. My most recent post was about werewolves in gaming, which drew some interest, so I figured I’d link it here for people to read.

Finally, I’m a creator of machinima, and I’ve discussed with Andrew the possibility of making a virtual video-blog for the site, though I’m still working on that. In the meantime, I made a short film based on a conversation I had about my new role writing for the site, which you can watch below.

Two Years of Werewolf News

I just realized that this site is now two years old. That’s like 41 in Internet Years! It’s almost time for the midlife crisis thing where I do a full redesign and create an iPhone app or something. Thanks for reading, commenting, submitting things, following along on Twitter and indulging my occasional weeks-long lapses into silence. Thanks also for your support and kind words when bad things happen. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from creating and maintaining this site, it’s that there are cool, friendly and kind people on the Internet. You’re one of them! Thanks!

Out With The Furballs, In With The Fangs

I’ve given it a lot of thought, and there’s just no denying the truth anymore: I’m sick of werewolves. They’re boring. They’re silly. They’re ugly and hairy and dumb, and no amount of highbrow back-to-nature hippie crap can redeem them in the face of what we all know to be true: vampires are awesome. (more…)

Goodbye, Friend

Keesha passed away today. Her cancer spread too far, too quickly, and her quality of life declined so rapidly it seemed like she was disappearing before our eyes. This past weekend we made the difficult decision to help end her pain, and today at 4:30 PM the incomparable Dr. Pollen of the Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital administered drugs that first put Keesha to sleep, then sent her to wherever it is that excellent dogs go when they leave this life. We held her until the end.

Thanks for all of your support and kind words. Those who donated have been contacted regarding their art. The winner of the draw for a copy of The Werewolf’s Guide To Life is Mark K., whose name was selected at random out of a mug.

If you have an animal in your life, go hug them now.