Vote on the first Werewolf News T-Shirt Design!

Updated 10:41 PM

Okay, the votes are in, and United We Change won! Buy it now (as a shirt or a postcard) and help support Werewolf News. Thanks!


Tandye and I are making a shirt, and we need your help with the design! Or, more specifically, the text that will accompany the design. Vote on the slogan you like best, or suggest your own! Here are the contenders:

  • Werewolf Power
  • Werewolves Unite
  • Werewolves Exist
  • United We Change
  • Lycanthropes Unlimited

I have a personal favourite (not necessarily the one shown in the design rough below), but whichever slogan gets the most votes by the end of today will go on the shirt. The shirt itself will be an American Apparel tee, sold through Red Bubble.

Cast your vote on this Google form. We appreciate your input!