Help pick new werewolf films for Craig J. Clark to watch & review

DavidNot a full moon has passed since August 2011 without a new Full Moon Feature appearing on Werewolf News. Craig J. Clark‘s authoritative posts on the successes and failures of werewolves in cinema have been an honour to host and a pleasure to read, and if, like me, your every synapse craves more, we need your help. Recently, Craig wrote to me to say that while he’d like to continue writing Full Moon Features, “..I’m starting to run low on werewolf movies that I haven’t seen. (My count is up in the mid-80s at this point.) Have you ever gotten any through the site that you think I might want to have a look at?”

I thought I had, Craig, but as it turns out, most of them never actually made it to production. Silver Bullet might be good, though – who doesn’t love Gary Busey? – and maybe Wolfen, too. I’d like to get some reader input as well. Below is a list of werewolf movies that Craig has seen. Those for which he’s written Full Moon Features are italicized. Can you, dear Werewolf News Reader, think of any that Craig hasn’t seen but ought to? Are there any on the list that you’d like him to write about? Please share your recommendations and requests (and maybe a word of praise for a guy whose posting schedule has been more reliable than my own) in the comments section.

Do you know of any worthwhile werewolf movies that aren’t on this list? Let Craig (and the rest of us) know in the comments!