Werewolf News was taken down by vampires

If you tried visiting Werewolf-News.com any time between Tuesday afternoon and late Wednesday morning, you probably weren’t able to get to the site, or if you were, you got an unhelpful PHP error. This happened because of vampires.

Well, not really. It happened because my web host had a non-specific and totally fixable “issue” ā€“ one they can’t (or won’t) explain. One that took this and every other site I host down for 17 hours. One that they wanted to credit me $3 for when I complained. I have no proof that the company involved is run by vampires, but I don’t know how else one would explain that level of weak-kneed dip-shittery. So, vampires, right?

Everything seems to be fine now, but I am in the process of moving this site (and all the others) for the second time in two weeks ā€“ only this time I’m not moving from server to server at the same company. I’m moving to a new host. The transfer should hopefully go smoothly, and once Werewolf News and its brothers and sisters are safe in their new home, I’ll be able to spend my “personal project” time posting new stuff here instead of yelling at unhelpful tech support agents.

Thanks for your patience and support, and if you see any vampires, please kick their asses for me.