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Classic “The Howling”, t-shirt style

How can you prove your love for “The Howling“? Get this t-shirt from Fright-Rags onto your body. There’s just no other way!

Hat tip: ArcLight

Yes, there’s a werewolf in “13 Hrs”, and here it is!

Fresh from Shock Till You Drop, here’s a first look at the werewolf from the upcoming horror movie “13 Hrs”. Yikes!

There are two more, both showing some of the body, so go check them out if you’re curious.

13 Hrs premieres Saturday, August 28th at the London FrightFest in Leicester Square, London. I can’t go, being on a totally different continent, but if you’re lucky enough to see it… I hate you. Tell me what it was like.

Fuzzy Camera – Werewolf Images Digest 2

Here are some more werewolf pictures I’ve seen over the past few weeks and liked enough to want to save somewhere. More than a few of these came from the excellent Red Project and #Werewolf-Horror.

Fuzzy Camera / fuzzycamera.tumblr.com

Standard disclaimer: if I’ve posted something of yours here and you’d rather I didn’t, please let me know. Also, some of these are available on shirts or as prints. Support awesome artists and buy some of their work!

Fuzzy Camera – Werewolf Images Digest 1

I used to have a feature here called Weekly Werewolf Art. I haven’t done it in a long time, and even when it was running, the schedule was irregular. I wanted to showcase werewolf art that I thought was interesting, evocative, funny or just plain cool, but it was harder than I thought to single out just one image a week, and more work than I expected to write enough about the selected image to warrant a whole post on the site. But there’s a lot of great werewolf art out there, and rather than just going “right-click, save” into a folder I never look at again, I want to share it with other werewolf fans. The solution: just like I started Werewolf News as a place to post links to werewolf stuff that I like, I’ve started a little Tumblr site for cool werewolf pictures I find. It’s called Fuzzy Camera. You can bookmark / subscribe to it directly, but if you don’t feel like adding another site to the already-huge list of places you go online, don’t worry. Every now and then I’ll post a thumbnail digest of recent Fuzzy Camera finds right here on Werewolf News.

Just like this! Yes, there are some repeats from Weekly Werewolf News, but I wanted to get my favourites all into one place.

Fuzzy Camera / fuzzycamera.tumblr.com

Werewolf short story contest on deviantART

Hey writers! There’s a writing contest being held at the deviantART group Werewolves At Heart. Submit an original 1,500 – 3,500 word short story about werewolves by Saturday, August 7th, using this prompt as inspiration:

You wake up shackled to a chair and can’t remember how you got there. Two voices are talking. You recognize one of them.

For more details, including a list of prizes (hint: art), visit the dA news article.

DrawerGeeks Drawin’ Werewolves on Certain Weeks

There’s a lot of great werewolf art out there, hiding in the Internet’s various nooks and crannies. I just stumbled across a great one this morning: art-jam web site DrawerGeeks, wherein “professional artists (mostly from the animation, comic book, illustration and design fields) all draw their version of a chosen fictional character” every other Friday. Over the past few years there have been some topics which may interest you as they interested me: Movie Monsters, Universal’s Monsters, Red Riding Hood, and of course, Werewolves. I would buy a print of Joe Koberstein’s Movie Monster entry in a second.

“Lone Wolf”, the Hand-Drawn Post-Apocalyptic Werewolf Brawler

Brad Nelson’s making a video game, and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. I’ll let him explain it:

Lone Wolf is an upcoming beat-em up RPG featuring a martial artist who stumbles across a secret in a post apocalyptic wasteland that allows him to change into a werewolf.  The gameplay is an homage to the late 80’s and early 90’s beat-em up games and boasts high resolution comic book style hand drawn character animations set in a 3D environment.

This game looks like a labour of love, and sort of reminds me of a cross between Altered Beast and the drawings in the margins of my 11th grade math notes (in a good way). Lone Wolf has been under steady development since 2005, with much of that work apparently going into the elaborate combat and transformation animations of the player character. This is the Internet so people are going to bitch about the fact that all the enemies look the same, but when you’re building a Flash-based game engine from scratch, you’ve got to prioritize the development path. Presumably (hopefully!) there will be some more variety in the enemies and terrain by the time the game’s out.

If you’d like to encourage Brad’s efforts you can pre-order the game for $19.99 (or $7.99 for the next two days) and get access to betas and other material.

Lou Romano’s “Monster Squad” Remake, in Art Format

Lou Romano is a guy whose creativity you can trust. The Incredibles? The Iron Giant? Monsters, Inc.? Yeah, he was production designer for those. He’s had his art in New York’s Museum of Modern Art and on the cover of The New Yorker, and he’s done voice acting in a number of Pixar films. He can also fly, and has a car that shoots lasers from its headlights [citation needed].

Lou’s work is presently part of the Cuter Than Stranger exhibit at Gallery 1988 in San Francisco. The reason you should know about this is the five 6″ x 6″ acrylic paintings he did of the monsters from The Monster Squad. These paintings are terrific, and they are for sale. Yes, even The Wolfman.

Blizzard Reveals WoW: Cataclysm’s Female Worgen

When Blizzard announced that their upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm would feature a werewolf-like race called the Worgen, I got excited, and I don’t even play WoW. It was weird, though, that all of the concept art and screenshots were of male Worgen. “Where,” the Internet groaned, “are the lady-wolfs“? Oh, wait, here they are.

As reported by The Escapist and several other sources, Blizzard recently released these “work in progress” images to show the character models and the way they’ll look in the different armour types (probably, that is– these are subject to change). Click on any of the images below for a (much) bigger version.

Cloth Armour

Leather Armour

Chain Armour

Plate Armour

Commisson Some Werewolf Nesting Dolls from Missmonster

It has been brought to my attention that artist and maker-of-cool-stuff Missmonster is taking commissions for custom nesting werewolf dolls like these.

Fro $150 you too can own five hand-painted monster figures. That’s $30 a figure. Come on, you’ve ordered pizzas that cost less than that, and they weren’t even custom– the Panago guy was just following the template from corporate. Missmonster will actually make these dolls custom. From her web site:

I can do pretty much anything you’d like though my specialty lies in the horror/monster realm. Pets, gentleman monsters, zombie portraits of your family? These wood nesting dolls measure 6″ at the tallest and 1″ at the smallest. Please email me at missmonstermel @ gmail.com you tell me what you’d like the dolls to be after you place your order. The dolls will take 3-6 weeks to complete.

I’ve never met Missmonster but I like what she does, and her werewolf costume instructions are basically the stuff of legends at this point. There are a lot of great artists out there that deserve your support, and Missmonster is one of them. If $150 is out of your range, check out her online store to see what else she’s got– I have my eye on Uncle Dapper.