Fuzzy Camera – Werewolf Images Digest 1

I used to have a feature here called Weekly Werewolf Art. I haven’t done it in a long time, and even when it was running, the schedule was irregular. I wanted to showcase werewolf art that I thought was interesting, evocative, funny or just plain cool, but it was harder than I thought to single out just one image a week, and more work than I expected to write enough about the selected image to warrant a whole post on the site. But there’s a lot of great werewolf art out there, and rather than just going “right-click, save” into a folder I never look at again, I want to share it with other werewolf fans. The solution: just like I started Werewolf News as a place to post links to werewolf stuff that I like, I’ve started a little Tumblr site for cool werewolf pictures I find. It’s called Fuzzy Camera. You can bookmark / subscribe to it directly, but if you don’t feel like adding another site to the already-huge list of places you go online, don’t worry. Every now and then I’ll post a thumbnail digest of recent Fuzzy Camera finds right here on Werewolf News.

Just like this! Yes, there are some repeats from Weekly Werewolf News, but I wanted to get my favourites all into one place.

Fuzzy Camera / fuzzycamera.tumblr.com