Commisson Some Werewolf Nesting Dolls from Missmonster

It has been brought to my attention that artist and maker-of-cool-stuff Missmonster is taking commissions for custom nesting werewolf dolls like these.

Fro $150 you too can own five hand-painted monster figures. That’s $30 a figure. Come on, you’ve ordered pizzas that cost less than that, and they weren’t even custom– the Panago guy was just following the template from corporate. Missmonster will actually make these dolls custom. From her web site:

I can do pretty much anything you’d like though my specialty lies in the horror/monster realm. Pets, gentleman monsters, zombie portraits of your family? These wood nesting dolls measure 6″ at the tallest and 1″ at the smallest. Please email me at missmonstermel @ you tell me what you’d like the dolls to be after you place your order. The dolls will take 3-6 weeks to complete.

I’ve never met Missmonster but I like what she does, and her werewolf costume instructions are basically the stuff of legends at this point. There are a lot of great artists out there that deserve your support, and Missmonster is one of them. If $150 is out of your range, check out her online store to see what else she’s got– I have my eye on Uncle Dapper.