How To Build A Realistic Werewolf Costume

A. Quinton — May. 11th 2008

This isn’t exactly new, but it is completely awesome. Last October, MIss Monster posted step-by-step instructions on how she built her rather amazing black werewolf costume. Check it out!

Miss Monster\'s Werewolf Costume

  • Hey late to the party but thank you for the plug and iam so glad you like the costume!

  • lil jj

    you kneed to make more of the costumes and sell them to stores because i am 11 and my mom and dad wont let me make it and plus it is to hard. so make kid sizes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH A CHERRY ON TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ci

    wow yall r totally awsome on werewolf making hav yall like ever scared any one at halloween with the costume cuz that would be awsome not to be mean to those who get scared

  • ci

    also u totally should start a company or at least sell some wolf costumes cuz it gets annoying when ppl cant find good costumes most costumes in stores r realy could tell fake

  • Amanda

    i loved the way it looked on but when i got home with all the supplies i was too overwhelmed to start, i got as far as a shoulder pad and a tail ( i like to start with the smaller components first the wory about the bigger stuff later) i really wish i could pay you to make one for me so i can have it fo my after halloween party ( its late, like nov 5th or something). i was so pumped to make this on my own, i started yelling at my exacto knife for not cutting the foam right and making it look lop-sided. lol. anyway im still going to try to work on mine but i would greatly appreciate it if i could pay yopu to make me the body suit, i can even send you all my measurements if you need them… ill have to find the time to make that mask thing on my own though

  • docturlough

    this question never got an answer on instructables but:

    How much does it cost to make?

  • Jake

    Hey, Miss Monster. I worked on the Werewolf Costume 4 over six months straight, and I couldn’t get it good. Like I made it, but it completely sucked. If you were willing to make them, I would definately buy one.