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Steve Carell fights a werewolf in “Anchorman 2”

If you’re like me and you haven’t seen a film in theatres for ages because movie theatres are terrible places filled with stupid noisy bad people, here’s a good reason to strap into your Social Anxiety Suit and go see Anchorman 2: it contains a scene in which Steve Carell and James Marsden fight a werewolf. (more…)

Down & Dirty Deluxe Werewolf Costume (and a Baby Werewolf Puppet)

The folks at The Horror Dome aren’t screwing around. Not only will they apply themselves diligently to ensure that your Nightmares Come True, they will also make sure you have your Halloween 2010 werewolf costume squared away by July. That’s when you can expect to receive your Big Bad Wolf (Studio Werewolf Costume) if you order now. I’m not going to lie to you: this werewolf might want to get his bilirubin levels checked, and he definitely needs to wash his face. But for $500, this setup looks pretty awesome. Those hands look great, and it’s nice to see some werewolf feet that don’t look like they belong to a hobbit in need of a pedicure.

They also sell a baby werewolf puppet. I’m going to say that again: a baby werewolf puppet. Look at this thing. I want one so I can take it to the playground with all the other responsible parents and pretend to bottle-feed it (because let’s face it, bottle-feeding is the only option with a kid like this).

Thanks to Russell for the links!

Monster Costumes for LBP Out Today

Just a quick reminder that Media Molecule’s Monsters costumes downloadable content for LittleBigPlanet comes out today. Sackwolf, activate!

You can read more about the Monsters DLC in this post from earlier in the week.

Interview with Brenton Spencer, Director of Never Cry Werewolf

If you just can’t get enough of Never Cry Werewolf (and Google Analytics says most of you can’t), horroryearbook.com has a brief interview with the film’s director, Brenton Spencer. The interview is largely biographical, with few anecdotes or comments about actual film making, but Spencer does have this to say about selecting an actor to wear a werewolf costume:

If I’ve learned anything in my career it is this; If you are looking to put someone in a Werewolf costume, or any creature costume, use an actor, use an athlete, use a stunt man, but don’t ever use a classical ballet dancer. A grande jette is just not scary!

Thanks for that, Spencer!

How To Build A Realistic Werewolf Costume

This isn’t exactly new, but it is completely awesome. Last October, MIss Monster posted step-by-step instructions on how she built her rather amazing black werewolf costume. Check it out!

Miss Monster\'s Werewolf Costume