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Sweet awkwardness & blood in animated short “Steak to the Heart”

Kelsey Canaga, a fourth-year student at DigiPen, recently posted her senior short film “Steak to the Heart“. It’s beautiful, funny, romantic, bloody, and it made my extremely short list “vampires who are okay” grow by one. (more…)

Hide your cats from Karina Farek’s “Dirty Paws”

Karina Farek, 4th year animation major at SVA, has just posted her thesis film Dirty Paws, and it’s too charming and sweet not to share. (more…)


One of the great things about running a site with an editorial board of one (consisting of me) is I get to post about anything I think is noteworthy or cool, even if it’s only connected to werewolves by the thinnest thread. That’s why I can tell you about the game Moonman. (more…)

A werewolf can’t get a second date in “Mike Tyson Mysteries”

Did you know that you can watch Mike Tyson solve mysteries and punch monsters in an Adult Swim series animated in the style of Hanna-Barbera classics like Scooby Doo? Well, thanks to a kind and benevolent universe, you can, and the latest episode is about a werewolf, leopard print boots, and pie. (more…)

Vote for the adorable “Teigan Wolf” in the Saban “Show Us Your Shorts” contest

Detroit artist and musician Annette DeLorean‘s latest foray into animation is a quirky and delightful look at the challenges of teenage life as a werewolf. It’s one of the 10 finalists in the Saban “Show Us Your Shorts” contest, and it could use your vote. (more…)

“The Order: 1886” and the sad story of Little Bobby Paige

As part of the marketing ramp-up for the PlayStation 4 game The Order: 1886this short and creepy animation recently popped up. It’s about a young man who may or may not be a foe you face in the game, and you definitely don’t have to be familiar with the game’s story to get a kick out of it. (more…)

What you need to know about “Guardians of Luna”

For several years now I’ve been hearing about Guardians of Luna, but my attempts to learn about it were continually rebuffed by the project’s Flash site. I’m a web developer. I… I don’t like Flash. But lately I’ve received enough email about it that last night I decided to give the site time to load so I could properly check it out, and hopefully answer three key questions: what is it, who made it, and how can I watch it? (more…)

Beware the Cream Wolf!

Tired of Robot Unicorn Attack? No, neither am I, but if you need a break, why not try Cream Wolf, where you’re an ice cream truck driver who fattens kids up so you can devour them when the full moon arrives? I’ve been playing it for a few minutes every day for the past week, and it never fails to make me feel filthy and gleeful at the same time. What an awesome combo!

2019-01-24: updated broken links

“Gil’s All Fright Diner” To Be Animated By DreamWorks

According to this little Variety snippet, DreamWorks Animation is producing an adaptation of A. Lee Martinez’s novel Gil’s All Fright Diner. If you haven’t heard of the book (I hadn’t, but then, there’s a lot I don’t hear about), here’s what you need to know:

Something Evil (that’s with a capital E) is stalking Gil’s All Night Diner in Martinez’s terrific debut, a comic horror-fantasy novel. Heading the delightfully eccentric cast are buddies Earl (aka the Earl of Vampires) and Duke (aka the Duke of Werewolves), who are looking for a place to eat as they drive through Rockwood, a small desert community besieged by cosmically weird stuff. Soon after stopping at Gil’s Diner, the pair help Loretta, the formidable owner-operator, fend off a zombie attack. Determined to do the right thing, the two supernatural misfits take on further challenges, such as trying to prevent Tammy (aka Mistress Lilith, Queen of the Night) and her loyal but dumb boyfriend, Chad, from ending the world.

The screenplay is being adapted by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris (who also wrote Kung Fu Panda for DreamWorks) and the film will be directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (it’s been 11 years– I think we can forgive him for Wild Wild West now). With the right character design and an adherence to what sounds like a dark Douglas Adams style of humour, this could be pretty good. Have any of you read the book? What’d you think?

The Pig Did Not Wield The Sledgehammer Correctly, and Was Defeated

A friend sent this to me, assuming that I would enjoy seeing a dapper stop-motion wolf dismantling a psychotic stop-motion pig. His assumption was correct; now I’m sharing it with you. If you like explicit stop-motion gore and mildly sexual situations, you will like this. If you do not like those things, please leave the Internet right away.

This is just the right thing for a Friday afternoon.