Vote for the adorable “Teigan Wolf” in the Saban “Show Us Your Shorts” contest

Detroit artist and musician Annette DeLorean‘s latest foray into animation is a quirky and delightful look at the challenges of teenage life as a werewolf. It’s one of the 10 finalists in the Saban “Show Us Your Shorts” contest, and it could use your vote.

Teigan is a young werewolf who gets her First Howl unexpectedly- in the morning! She has to grapple with her changing body, new school and new friends, issues anyone can relate! Teigan also reaches out via her own web channel, The Growlers Club. Teigan Wolf is a fun cartoon about acceptance and realizing there are strengths in diversity.

Annette wrote, animated and voiced all the characters (except for Mom) in three weeks, which is a heck of a feat. At first I kind of wished the character design of Wolf-Teigan was closer to Annette’s Tween Wolf gif, but the sunglasses and tissue paper’d cuts won me over, and the braided beard at the end got a genuine guffaw out of me. In retrospect, it was shallow of me to judge Teigan on her looks, anyway, wasn’t it?

The contest is focussed on shorts under 5 minutes, in the genres of “animated comedy or action-comedy that will appeal to children, tween and teen” audiences, and the winner gets $5,000 and a development deal with Saban. I think Teigan Wolf is mega-adorable and it has a great message. I think you’ll agree, and I encourage you to vote before the contest ends on February 9th.