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Sweet awkwardness & blood in animated short “Steak to the Heart”

Kelsey Canaga, a fourth-year student at DigiPen, recently posted her senior short film “Steak to the Heart“. It’s beautiful, funny, romantic, bloody, and it made my extremely short list “vampires who are okay” grow by one. (more…)

Short film “The American Werewolf Project” has a unique werewolf costume & weird backstory

This movie has such a weird history I’m not sure it even exists, and I’m afraid to rent it and break the illusion. According to its Vimeo page, The American Werewolf Project is a “throwback to the 1980’s B-Horror and camp style films”. (more…)

Steampunk sharpshooters & a bespoke werewolf suit in The Adventures of the League of STEAM

Steampunk performance art troupe League of STEAM has released a werewolf-centric episode of their award-winning adventure/comedy web series. Episode eight of season 3 “follows the League’s werewolf hunter, Jasper Mooney, as he tells tales of his lifelong hunt for an elusive white werewolf.” (more…)

Teaser trailer for “Howl of a Good Time”

This 60-second teaser for Patrick Rea‘s short film about kids sneaking into a private film screening pays off at the end, when we discover why the screening was private in the first place. (more…)

Watch gorgeous, funny & sexy “She-Wolf Of The Woods” for free

“Meat that dies happy, dies tender.” Last summer I posted about She-Wolf Of The Woods, an indie horror short created by Adriana Polito and her team on a tiny budget, with beautiful / scary / funny / NSFW results. Now She-Wolf is available to watch for free on YouTube! (more…)

Teaser & photos for Fangoria editor’s trippy erotic horror film “Female Werewolf”

Editor-in-chief of Fangoria magazine Chris Alexander has secured financing for his next film project: “surreal, psychosexual horror drama” Female Werewolf, which he is also writing, directing, editing and scoring himself. It’s still in production in the Toronto area, but are some photos and a teaser trailer. (more…)

The lycanthropic “Growing Pains” of male adolescence

Growing Pains (Vokseværk) is an award-winning animated Danish short film about a teenage boy named Fabian, and the unexpectedly monstrous side effects of his burgeoning sexuality. Based on the subject matter, maybe don’t watch the teaser at work. (more…)

Vote for the adorable “Teigan Wolf” in the Saban “Show Us Your Shorts” contest

Detroit artist and musician Annette DeLorean‘s latest foray into animation is a quirky and delightful look at the challenges of teenage life as a werewolf. It’s one of the 10 finalists in the Saban “Show Us Your Shorts” contest, and it could use your vote. (more…)