Tag: adolescence

The lycanthropic “Growing Pains” of male adolescence

Growing Pains (Vokseværk) is an award-winning animated Danish short film about a teenage boy named Fabian, and the unexpectedly monstrous side effects of his burgeoning sexuality. Based on the subject matter, maybe don’t watch the teaser at work. (more…)

The Wolf At His Door: Book 1 of The Runes Trilogy

My thanks to Adrian Lilly for sponsoring Werewolf News this week with The Wolf At His Door, the first book in his trilogy of werewolf novels. Adrian and I have similar tastes in werewolves, and he was kind enough to answer a few questions about building a werewolf mythology, the power of literature, and practical jokes. (more…)

Vote for the adorable “Teigan Wolf” in the Saban “Show Us Your Shorts” contest

Detroit artist and musician Annette DeLorean‘s latest foray into animation is a quirky and delightful look at the challenges of teenage life as a werewolf. It’s one of the 10 finalists in the Saban “Show Us Your Shorts” contest, and it could use your vote. (more…)