Hide your cats from Karina Farek’s “Dirty Paws”

Karina Farek, 4th year animation major at SVA, has just posted her thesis film Dirty Paws, and it’s too charming and sweet not to share.

Dirty Paws “(aka werewolf boyfriend 2015)” was written / directed / animated by Karina Farek, based on an original concept by Farek and H. C. Julia Lin. I think these boys are a bit irresponsible in regards to the neighbourhood pets, but I’m a fan of nighttime exercise, big breakfasts and healthy relationships, so I can’t stay mad at them.

For a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating these five minutes, check out the “werewolf boyfriend 2015” tag on Karina’s site.

Hat tip to @Crystala and Tandye for submitting thus!