“The Order: 1886” and the sad story of Little Bobby Paige

As part of the marketing ramp-up for the PlayStation 4 game The Order: 1886this short and creepy animation recently popped up. It’s about a young man who may or may not be a foe you face in the game, and you definitely don’t have to be familiar with the game’s story to get a kick out of it.

Little Bobby Paige was bold
Even when just nine years old
Staying out too late one night
He came home with a bloody bite
As daytime waned and darkness dropped
All noises in the household stopped
Bobby awoke, no longer him
And tore his parents limb from limb…

The Order: 1886 drops February 20th, and is available for pre-order / purchase now.

I’ve heard from friend of the site Simon there’s another recently-released promo video that’s worth checking out – I’ll look into it as soon as I’m not on a train! In the meantime, you might find interesting this behind the scenes video about the design and in-game execution of the Half-Breed / werewolves.