A werewolf can’t get a second date in “Mike Tyson Mysteries”

Did you know that you can watch Mike Tyson solve mysteries and punch monsters in an Adult Swim series animated in the style of Hanna-Barbera classics like Scooby Doo? Well, thanks to a kind and benevolent universe, you can, and the latest episode is about a werewolf, leopard print boots, and pie.

“Mike Tyson Mysteries” really does feature the voice of Mike Tyson, along with Norm Macdonald, Rachel Ramras, and the incomparable Jim Rash. Episode 9, “Night Moves”, airs tomorrow (February 1st) at 11:30 PM (Eastern and Pacific) on Adult Swim, but if you want to catch it a few hours early, it’s available right now on Amazon. Here’s the synopsis, via Toon Zone:

When Mike and the gang try to solve the mystery of why a likeable guy named Andrew can never get a second date, Yung Hee discovers the hard way that it’s probably because he’s a werewolf. She makes it home alive, but will she stay that way once that the gang becomes convinced that she might now be a werewolf herself? And why does Mike Tyson have a drawer full of silver bullets? Run, Yung, run!

I watched it and I laughed a lot, particularly at Tyson’s non-sequiturs and malapropisms, which are delivered to his incredulous colleagues via mumbly, awkward and utterly charming line readings. The werewolf design and vocalizations were great (bonus points awarded for his name), and now I really really want to eat pie.