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Sweet awkwardness & blood in animated short “Steak to the Heart”

Kelsey Canaga, a fourth-year student at DigiPen, recently posted her senior short film “Steak to the Heart“. It’s beautiful, funny, romantic, bloody, and it made my extremely short list “vampires who are okay” grow by one. (more…)

The 1 surprising College Humor post I didn’t immediately close (because: werewolves)

Illustrator and comic artist Sarah Benkin put together an 11-page comic for College Humor that lampoons the vapid listicles College Humor is known for and that features blood, “meat farts” and three werewolves (yes, three – go all the way to the end). (more…)

Full Moon Features: Meridian

It’s rather appropriate that this month’s Full Moon Feature was actually produced by Full Moon Entertainment. In fact, 1990’s Meridian was one of the first films made by Full Moon after Charles Band’s previous company, Empire Pictures, folded. (more…)

A werewolf can’t get a second date in “Mike Tyson Mysteries”

Did you know that you can watch Mike Tyson solve mysteries and punch monsters in an Adult Swim series animated in the style of Hanna-Barbera classics like Scooby Doo? Well, thanks to a kind and benevolent universe, you can, and the latest episode is about a werewolf, leopard print boots, and pie. (more…)

“Jack and Diane” Back on Track (again) with New Star Juno Temple

According to this Hollywood Reporter article, Bradley Rust Gray’s lesbian werewolf romance movie “Jack and Diane” has gained a new lead: “Year One” and “Greenberg” actress Juno Temple. When last we heard about Jack & Diane, the role of Diane was being filled by Alison Pill and the official web site was chock full of backstory and crazy skinned-polar-bear werewolf visuals. Now the backstory content has been replaced by a message that the film is “in production” and there’s no mention of Pill. Hopefully this casting change will be the final twist before the story of Jack and Diane leaves development hell and actually starts shooting.

Posts about this movie always yield interesting Google traffic.

Lesbian Werewolf Love Story “Jack and Diane” Recast, Set to Resume Production

Jack and Diane

In June 2008 the production of  lesbian werewolf horror/romance film “Jack and Diane” was left in limbo when Ellen Page decided to ditch her starring role as Diane because “there’s just too much focus on her and her career for her to be able to go off and do some super-experimental flick.” Now, over a year later, the film is back on track with Alison Pill as Diane, and a new web site that reveals more of the film’s story and visuals. In a statement on the web site, director Bradley Gray explains why Diane’s infatuation with Jack results in a lycanthropic transformaton:

When Diane first discovers love she is desperate to find out if her feelings are being returned. Only, she can’t find the words to explain how she feels. Her head gets fuzzy, she gets scared, she panics, and she transforms into a horrifically violent creature. This creature, though grotesque, becomes Diane’s way of saying, “I love you so much I want to eat you and put you inside me forever.”

Diane Werewolf Head An unconventional metaphor for a feeling many of us have experienced (it’s okay, you can admit it). Gabe Bartalos‘s werewolf’s design is also rather unconventional as well. Wishing to evoke Diane’s sexual frustration through a unique creature design, Bartalos is basing the werewolf’s design on a skinned polar bear (!). The film will also include animated sequences by the Brothers Quay that reveal the interior of Diane’s body: “a world of blood, hair and teeth.”

Unconventional indeed! The filmmakers have a clear vision for this movie. Here’s hoping that vision makes it to the screen effectively.

Twilight – Breaking Dawn

Breaking DawnOkay. I wasn’t going to say anything about this, but there’s just way too much fuss to ignore. Author Stephenie Meyer is writing a group of books referred to as the Twilight Saga, which follows the story of teenager Isabella Swan and her interactions with various vampires and werewolves, all of whom live in a small town in Washington state. There are four books in the series so far: Twilight (after which the series is named), New Moon, Eclipse and the recently-released Breaking Dawn. There has been a great deal of excitement surrounding the release of Breaking Dawn, on par with the debut of the Harry Potter novels.

I’ve never read them, but they’re apparently a really, really big deal. I’m something of a skeptic when it comes to teen romance/horror novels, especially those with dreamy vampires and conflicted werewolves, but with Breaking Dawn getting reviewed by every other blog, magazine and news web site out there, and a Twilight feature film in the works, I get the feeling it would be unwise to ignore the series because of a few old prejudices.