First Trailer for “The Howling Reborn”: questionable dialogue, (glimpses of) cool werewolves

A. Quinton — Jul. 14th 2011

Despite posting about it twice last year, I’d forgotten that the Howling franchise is about to get another entry (or is it a reboot? I can’t tell). Here’s the first trailer, brought to my attention by HorrorBid.

Questions: why does that guy look like Harry Potter? Why does this remind me so much of An American Werewolf in Paris? Why are people still writing lines like “I don’t bite… much.”? And when do we get to see more of those werewolves? I had an email conversation with someone involved in the production last year, and this person indicated that the blurry mobile phone photo that leaked didn’t do the werewolf design justice at all. This person also mentioned female werewolves, which I suppose isn’t much of a surprise after seeing this trailer.

  • When’s this coming out? I can’t find any specifics. I would definitely watch this.

  • Doruk

    Apparently lighting helps :P

    Considering how many bad Howling movies we have seen, I am ok with giving this one a go as well. We may yet get lucky after all this time.

  • Roi

    ^ What they said.

    And also, I don’t think it looks all that horrible. Could be a LOT worse.
    The werewolves [from glimpses] kind of remind me of the Underworld werewolves…
    But hey! That’s at least a million times better than twi-wolves on steroids.
    The plot seems iffy and at first I thought it was a Teen Wolf trailer.
    I’d definitely give this a shot though. Can’t wait for it to come out!

  • Shoot, Teen Wolf must have softened me up a bit because I think a month or two ago I would bitched up and down about this trailer, and now I can’t complain about it. I’m not totally stoked, but I will watch it. Hell, it can’t be worse than most the Howling movies, right? Right?

  • Viergacht

    I had the same reaction – “Harry Potter stars as Teen Wolf”! All werewolves seem to be adolescent lately. Hmmm.

    Oh well, who am I kidding, I’m gonna watch it. Hell, I survived the second movie!

    (actually it was so over-the-top godawful I enjoy it as a comedy)

  • Okay, this has what to do with The Howling again?

  • Joey

    Why are people still writing lines like “I don’t bite… much.”?

    That was what bothered you?

    “What the Hell is happening to me?” was what made me want to smoke crack. Just once, I’d like to see a werewolf bite somebody who then shows signs of lycanthropy and doesn’t ask that like a total idiot. Or else gets a really smart-alecky answer.

  • Byron

    This looks waaaaaaaay too much like Twilight. But it can’t be worse than some of the other “films” in the Howling series. There have been some stinkers in it, but at least they had werewolves.

  • Kwipper

    Oh wonderful. A werewolf movie trailer that shows very little to no footage of what the actual werewolf design looks like. That is a tell-tale sign that the werewolf design basically sucks… and they know it.

    I have yet to be proven wrong.

  • Momo

    I’ll go see it just to check out their werewolves and to have a laugh. Other than that, it looks like some teenage kid with aspergers wrote a self-insertion fanfiction about the Howling series.