First Trailer for “The Howling Reborn”: questionable dialogue, (glimpses of) cool werewolves

Despite posting about it twice last year, I’d forgotten that the Howling franchise is about to get another entry (or is it a reboot? I can’t tell). Here’s the first trailer, brought to my attention by HorrorBid.

Questions: why does that guy look like Harry Potter? Why does this remind me so much of An American Werewolf in Paris? Why are people still writing lines like “I don’t bite… much.”? And when do we get to see more of those werewolves? I had an email conversation with someone involved in the production last year, and this person indicated that the blurry mobile phone photo that leaked didn’t do the werewolf design justice at all. This person also mentioned female werewolves, which I suppose isn’t much of a surprise after seeing this trailer.