Arrow In The Head gives us a first look at a “Howling Reborn” werewolf

A. Quinton — Sep. 2nd 2010

Arrow In The Head is responsible for me fruitlessly using the “Sharpen” filter in Photoshop a whole lot this afternoon. They’ve got an exclusive first look at one of the werewolf designs being used in “The Howling Reborn” via a blurry photo from the set. I’m not sure who sent them the photo, but it came with this description:

The werewolf you see below is one of the henchmen werewolves. Flat snout. The head werewolves have the classic HOWLING sticking out snouts. I know you’re all better people for knowing this.

Conspicuously missing from that description is an explanation of the giant ears, the smaller-than-a-human’s nose and the Henry Rollins neck. Partial credit for originality and using practical effects instead of CG, but c’mon. Whoever approved the maquette for this design obviously look at it from the side.

Update: okay, it’s not as bad as that. I got carried away. There are definitely things I’d change about the design, but overall it’s pretty cool.

Hat-tip: @Karwood_Pub via @_Mjollnir_

  • Ryan


    I honestly don’t know how I feel about that.

    It’s interesting, to say the least.

  • Viergacht

    I’d be easy to kill this poor fella, he doesn’t seem to be able to turn his head even slightly to one side. But yeah, it’s not too bad. “Henry Rollins neck” had me rotlfmao.

  • UGH, SNOUT TOO SMALL! I was hoping they’d look similar to the original Eddie. : \

  • silver

    I am not that impressed with this design, I don’t mean to sound like a prude, but I expected more since Joe Dantes original design was a very frightening and was a very sadistic being with its long wolf like face and black eyes.

    I don’t like the idea of this half human looking face ether, it’s more wolf man. Don’t get me wrong wolf man was great but I feel that concept has no place in the howling movies it makes the werewolves look far to gentle, which does not fit the story from the book which was incredibly dark and even Joe Dantes movie version cut things out and for good reason.

  • Mac

    Yeah…kind of looks like some sort of gremlin reject. I guess it’s too much to hope for that this could maybe be a mid-transformation look and not the final design.

  • ArcLight

    Remember, there’s several different designs in this movie. The main werewolves are supposed to be the ‘snouted’ variety.

    And as much as I love THE HOWLING….seriously, they could’ve bobbed the ears a bit.

  • Lycan

    What’s with the “no snout” notion for “henchmen” werewolves? Back in the 80s, there was a TV series called Werewolf. Rick Baker had worked on the makeup, and he’d done a great job with it. Unlike here, each werewolf was given a snout, but the way you could tell the difference was that as you “went up the ladder,” the werewolves got larger and scarier. They could’ve used the same idea here rather than opting for a flat-faced look.

    It’s good to know they’ve gone for makeup over CGI. From the picture, they seem to be doing a good job with it (except for the “no snout” idea). There’s a certain promise about this movie, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one. We do need more “saviors” to revive the true werewolf genre and save us from the trash they’ve been made into in present-day Hollywood.

  • Lycan

    @ PenningtonBeast,

    Nothing beats the original Eddie. :-)

  • Howling Fan

    This makeup is, as the caption under the picture says, one of the “henchmen werewolves”. There are 2 “boss werewolves” in the movie who are more in the line of what we expect a “The Howling werewolf ” to look like.
    I imagine if it would have been a sole decision from the makeup team, the werewolves of this movie would have looked pretty much like the ones from the original film (which is still my favorite werewolf look of all time) but making a movie is a collaborative effort and in the end, you have to take the input and ideas of the ones who hire you to do the job.

  • @Howling Fan: I guess we’re pretty spoilt for choice, and besides, what’s the internet for, if not for complaining about everything? :D As a person who works in a creative industry, I know what it’s like to have a client’s whims bend your work in a direction you’d rather not go, and your comment has reminded me that everyone has to deal with stuff like that.

  • Ryan

    I like that the werewolves will look unique. That’s definitely an improvement, because if I recall, all the werewolves, save for the one at the end in The Howling, looked the same.

    So I’m definitely glad for that.

    I’m also glad that there won’t be any wolf werewolves. Where they just turn in to freaking wolves. Which is boring.

  • What a surprise, another gorilla man type werewolf. Looks more like an orc from lord of the rings than a wolf…

  • @Sugarpoultry You won’t be happy until Freeborn finally gets made, will you?

  • Penningtonbeast

    @HowlingFan That’s cool, I can live with that.

    @Sugarpoultry Gorillas don’t have ears quite that large. :P

  • silver

    I was surfing today and I came across this, a site that claims to have seen leaked script for howling reborn. I hope to god that this is a fake, because the whole idea of this movie being set in school with teenagers and werewolf gangs does not sit well with me. On top of the Howling fan said that these are just the henchmen werewolves and there are bosses I don’t recall the first howling movie having bosses….and at first I thought oh he means the Alpha’s at the top of the pack in the rural community. I really hope it is that and not boss werewolves in high school we’ve had twilight in my view it sucked…

  • lantzn


    Maybe this is one of the levels in the transformation scene, you know just before the face starts to grow a long snout.