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Killer album art for “Wolfmen of Mars vs. The Mangled Dead”

Space werewolves vs. zombie punks. That’s the cover art theme for “Wolfmen of Mars vs. The Mangled Dead”, the upcoming album from Wolfmen of Mars, and if you can dig that, it’s safe to say you’ll be a fan of the band’s whole 70’s/80’s synth horror groove aesthetic. (more…)

Marika Hackman turns into a werewolf & attacks her band

In the video for her song “Animal Fear”, English musician Marika Hackman turns into a wolfman (wolf-woman, don’t be normative!) style werewolf and attacks her band. Or does she? (more…)

Mozart and The Wolfman Vs. The Mummy

It’s by Alex Cox. It’s four panels long. I might have printed the last panel and stuck it on the wall. Maybe. Probably.

Werewolves in Music

A while ago a reader named dollface ripped on me for not knowing about The Cramps and a host of other bands that have recorded songs about werewolves. I have to admit that most of the music I listen to is bereft of fur and / or fang. I finally got around to looking up the songs dollface recommended, and while I can’t say I’ve discovered any new favourite bands, I’ve got to admit that when used as subject matter for song, werewolves have produced some truly interesting and eclectic music. Here are three wolfy songs that dollface thinks you should hear, and one that I’ve probably already recommended before.

There is one werewolf song that I’d listen to over and over again even if I wasn’t into werewolves, and that’s Cat Power’s haunting cover of Michael Hurley’s “Werewolf”.

I encourage you (or maybe implore you) to post links to your favorite werewolf songs in the comments section.

“The Wolfman” Soundtrack Available Now!

In what appears to be a fortuitous glitch, Danny Elfman’s soundtrack to The Wolfman is available for purchase on iTunes, two weeks ahead of its posted February 23rd release date! (more…)

“Werewolf” TV Series DVD Cancelled (In Case You Slept Through September)

In case you didn’t already hear the bad news, the Werewolf: The Series DVD set that Shout! Factory was working on has been scrapped indefinitely, thanks to the greed of the music industry. Two of the bands whose songs were used in scenes refused to grant permission to use the music for the same scenes on the DVD. None of the official sources are naming the bands, but if word around the campfire is true, these assholes wanted more money than Shout! Factory was reasonably able to pay. The audio tracks for the scenes were mixed down, so the offending songs and the critical dialog can’t be separated and re-mixed with different, less-made-by-greedy-clowns songs. I’m sharing this now because the original posts I made about the DVD set are still getting a lot of (presumably hopeful) traffic.

Harry Palms

ArmchairAccomplice sent me a link to “Harry Palms”, an episode of The Receptionist by Travis Betz. The link was accompanied by a note that read “low tech werewolf musical hits youtube, the less I say the better.” I watched. I bit my fist. I went to Travis’s web site and confirmed my suspicions: Travis Betz is a demented genius. And now, I share the video with you.

New EELS album “Hombre Lobo” is one for the werewolves

Rock band EELS is set to release their new album Hombre Lobo on June 2nd (preorder at Amazon.com), and the werewolf theme extends much deeper than the album title (which means “werewolf” in Spanish– but you knew that, right?). (more…)

The Problem With Werewolf Movies

CHUD.com’s Jon Abrams waxes philisophical in a fantastic essay about why werewolf movies basically stink. He suggests (rightly, in my opinion) that while every genre, sub-genre and niche in film has its diamonds in the rough, werewolf movies are fundamentally lacking.

Every major strain of genre filmmaking, whether it be the war movie or the alien invasion/science fiction movie, the time travel movie or the samurai movie, the Western or the boxing movie or the comic book movie or the vampire movie – all these have their few-and-far-between classics that make sitting through all the more inferior efforts worthwhile. The exception is the werewolf movie.