Werewolves in Music

A while ago a reader named dollface ripped on me for not knowing about The Cramps and a host of other bands that have recorded songs about werewolves. I have to admit that most of the music I listen to is bereft of fur and / or fang. I finally got around to looking up the songs dollface recommended, and while I can’t say I’ve discovered any new favourite bands, I’ve got to admit that when used as subject matter for song, werewolves have produced some truly interesting and eclectic music. Here are three wolfy songs that dollface thinks you should hear, and one that I’ve probably already recommended before.

There is one werewolf song that I’d listen to over and over again even if I wasn’t into werewolves, and that’s Cat Power’s haunting cover of Michael Hurley’s “Werewolf”.

I encourage you (or maybe implore you) to post links to your favorite werewolf songs in the comments section.