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Mud, gunfire and skinwalkers abound in “Blood Moon” trailer

Jeremy Wooding’s horror/western film Blood Moon is coming to a screen right in front of you this September, courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment and Jinga Films. (more…)

“What We Do In The Shadows” DVD, shirts & vampiraphanalia delayed by “contract demon”

In a post to their Kickstarter campaign, Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi reveal the reason for the unexpected delay in their film’s journey to physical media in North America, and how that’s impacted the other backer rewards. (more…)

Shout! Factory’s “Dog Soldiers” Collector’s Edition features & bonuses

Scream Factory, the division of Shout! Factory I simply refuse to stop calling “the Criterion of horror”, has updated the specs and bonus features for its upcoming fancy-pants collector’s edition of Dog Soldiers. Are you ready for a new transfer? I am! (more…)

Current & upcoming werewolf movies: theatrical & home releases

Note as of 2017-07-07: this page is about a year out of date, but will be getting a HUGE update in the next few days!

Did you lose track of all the werewolf movies coming out lately? I did, and it’s kinda my job to keep tabs on them all! Here’s a cheat sheet to help you keep up on releases and plan your purchases or pre-orders.


  • Underworld: Blood Wars. The Underworld saga continues. Directed by Anna Foerster and starring Kate Beckinsale. Currently in post-production, with a theatrical release planned for January 2017.
  • The Wildness. Stoner ski-bum versus rich-kid werewolves. As of March 2016, in pre-production near Vancouver, Canada. Directed by Marcel Sarmiento.
  • Bad Vibes, starring Elijah Wood. A psychedelic werewolf cult versus “squares” in 1969. Was set to shoot in Austin in October 2015, so it’s probably in post production now.



Scream Factory releasing Howling II on Blu-ray for some reason

In a surprise announcement on Twitter and Facebook, Scream Factory has admitted that they will be afflicting werewolf and horror movie fans with a Blu-ray version of the 1985 “classic” Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf. (more…)

Holiday Grab Bag: “The Order” werewolf combat, “I” Tamil insanity, illegal hyphens & more

It’s the holiday season and things are getting weird in the world of werewolves. Here are a few short pieces to chew on while you wait for your buddy Krampus to show up. (more…)

What you need to know about “Guardians of Luna”

For several years now I’ve been hearing about Guardians of Luna, but my attempts to learn about it were continually rebuffed by the project’s Flash site. I’m a web developer. I… I don’t like Flash. But lately I’ve received enough email about it that last night I decided to give the site time to load so I could properly check it out, and hopefully answer three key questions: what is it, who made it, and how can I watch it? (more…)

“House of the Wolf Man” DVD pre-order on Amazon – old school moves!

Around this time last year, I was telling you about “House of the Wolf Man”, the “good old fashioned monster movie” that was shot in 2009 but purposely looks like it spent the last 65 years sitting in a Universal film vault. It stars Ron Chaney (the grandson of the original Wolf Man, Lon Chaney, Jr) and is an independent effort to complete the Universal horror “House Of” triptych, which officially only covered Frankenstein and Dracula. by Now I’m telling you about it again, because the DVD is available for pre-order on Amazon. It costs $17.99 US and ships September 28, 2010. This is great news for people who didn’t get a chance to see it at SDCC last year. That is to say, people like me.

“The Wolfman” Available for Pre-Order on DVD & Blu-ray, Out June 1st

If you’d like to watch Lawrence Talbot do terrible things over and over from the comfort of your own home, you’re in luck: Director’s Cut DVD and Director’s Cut super-bonus-feature Blu-ray editions of “The Wolfman” are available for pre-order now, and will be released on June 1st. In addition to the director’s cut of the film, the DVD version contains the theatrical cut and deleted / extended scenes. The Blu-ray version contains all of that too, plus

  • Five featurettes: Return of The Wolfman, The Beast Maker, Transformation Secrets, The Wolfman Unleashed, Werewolf Legacy, Lore and Legend
  • A “Take Control” feature with Makeup Artist Rick Baker, Visual Effects Producer Karen Murphy-Mundell and Director of Photography Shelly Johnson
  • A digital copy of the film (no doubt encumbered with DRM)
  • A copy of the original 1941 “Wolf Man” movie

I want to mention that every site I’ve seen mention these home releases has felt obligated to include a few shitty editorial comments about how “disappointing” this movie was. Even the official review Amazon is running moans about “bland computer-generated werewolves”. Sorry this movie didn’t blow the doors off Schindler’s List and the first three Indiana Jones movies, guys. It’s a bloody werewolf movie.

Universal Legacy Edition of “The Wolf Man” Available Now

Whenever one of my favourite bands is about to release a new record, I make a point of listening through their entire discography as a sort of warm-up to the main event. I find savouring the new creation all the more enjoyable while the history of the material is fresh in my mind (yes, fine, I’m a geek, but don’t act like you don’t do it too). In that spirit, you might wish to prepare for the 12th by checking out the Universal Legacy Edition of “The Wolf Man”. Although this is the third time in a decade that Universal has re-released the 1941 classic, it sounds like this might be the edition worth buying. In addition to a new restoration of the film itself, the 2-disc set contains all of the bonus material available on 2004’s Legacy Collection version, plus two new documentaries (one on Lon Chaney Jr., the other on the history of werewolf movies). Not bad for twenty bucks!

Thanks to Macabri for the link.