“What We Do In The Shadows” DVD, shirts & vampiraphanalia delayed by “contract demon”

In a post to their Kickstarter campaign, Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi reveal the reason for the unexpected delay in their film’s journey to physical media in North America, and how that’s impacted the other backer rewards.

The DVD was meant to be available in May, but the message, which was only sent to backers, indicates it’ll still be out this summer:

Due to a big legal wrangle with an American contract demon, the DVD has been pushed back to July 21st.  The worst part of this though is that our Kickstarter rewards are all tied in with the DVD release and this means that we can’t produce them until it is all sorted. It hasn’t been that easy but we are nearly there.

I’m cool with that! As delays go, two months is totally within reason, and the cause of the wrangle is “lawyers being lawyers”, not “we messed up”. Besides, you can watch the film right now via Amazon Instant Video, and a t-shirt like this is worth waiting for.

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