Tom Whalen’s “Pulp Menagerie” show at Mondo Gallery puts the Werewolf at the top of the pile

Two of my favourite names in art are teaming up for an event! Starting May 22nd, Tom Whalen is hosting a solo show called “Pulp Menagerie” at Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX. Among the featured prints is a gorgeous tribute to Rankin/Bass’s classic movie Mad Monster Party?, featuring The Werewolf at the top of a monstrous dog-pile.

Way back in 2009 I posted about a samurai werewolf vector art tutorial Tom did, and I’ve been a fan of his art ever since. I’ve posted about Mondo before too, in relation to some lovely limited-edition Wolf Man themed prints they made available for about five seconds. (By the way, those prints are the sort of thing I was referring to yesterday when I said artists should be given free reign to “reinterpret what made [the Wolf Man] so iconic”.)

Of the upcoming Pulp Menagerie show, The Daily Dot says:

The new art show by Tom Whalen takes an affectionate trip down memory lane, remind us of the days when pulp fiction and cult sci-fi reigned supreme and there was no such thing as a blockbuster. On his website, Whalen said that he was “beyond excited” to be unveiling his art for the gallery.

The show runs through June 6th and will feature many more pieces by Whalen, although only three have been announced so far: this Mad Monster Party? print, a stylized take on 1940’s Batman, and a Gojira/Godzilla duo. If you’re able to attend, let me know if there are any other werewolf-related pieces (so I can feel bad about not being able to buy them? I guess?)