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14 werewolf items up for grabs at Rick Baker Monster Maker auction

The Rick Baker Monster Maker auction is coming up at the end of May. The event at the Hilton Universal City in Los Angeles contains over 400 items from the make-up effects wizard, and I’ve gone through them all to find the werewolves for you. (more…)

Cedar Point’s Rougarou coaster combines werewolves & swamps

Ohio amusement park and “roller coaster capital of the world” Cedar Point is two weeks away from opening Rougarou, a roller coaster themed after a swamp-dwelling werewolf from francophone and Louisiana folklore. (more…)

Tom Whalen’s “Pulp Menagerie” show at Mondo Gallery puts the Werewolf at the top of the pile

Two of my favourite names in art are teaming up for an event! Starting May 22nd, Tom Whalen is hosting a solo show called “Pulp Menagerie” at Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX. Among the featured prints is a gorgeous tribute to Rankin/Bass’s classic movie Mad Monster Party?, featuring The Werewolf at the top of a monstrous dog-pile.

Kill The Beast’s Scooby-Doo / Twin Peaks / werewolf mystery show “He Had Hairy Hands”

If that title seems like a conglomeration of random words, let me un-muddle you: He Had Hairy Hands is an award-winning show by comedy quintet Kill The Beast, and it’s touring select theatres in the UK right now.


An American Werewolf in London may return for Universal Orlando’s 25th Halloween Horror Nights

Good news if you’re going to be in Florida this Halloween. There are rumours that for its 25th anniversary, Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights might have as its “big bad” feature the acclaimed An American Werewolf in London haunted house from 2013. (more…)

BloodRunner, for people who want to be chased by werewolves across a Malaysian cityscape

Want to run over 6 miles through an urban obstacle course in Malaysia while being terrorized by werewolves? Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Like an actual, literal nightmare. But if you like running and you happen to be in Putrajaya on July 31st, check out BloodRunner. (more…)

Start your planning now! Howl Con officially returns February 2016

The Howl Con site has just made official the return of North America’s premiere werewolf convention. Howl Con II is happening in Vancouver, WA (minutes north of Portland, OR) on February 6th and 7th, 2016. Early-bird weekend passes are available now! (more…)

Howl Con 2015: a werewolf convention on the brink of supernova

Howl Con 2015 was like a neutron star made out of werewolf atoms. Bright and packed with energy, its small size belied its incredible density. A measurement taken at 12:32PM on Sunday indicated a density of 3.8 LPI (Lycanthropes per square inch). But unlike a stable neutron star, Howl Con is primed to go supernova. (more…)

Howl Con Schedule & appearances

Howl Con is this weekend, and the schedule of events has just been posted! There’s lots going on for werewolf fans in Vancouver this Saturday and Sunday. I’m excited and nervous, because my name is on that schedule a few times. (more…)


The horror/fantasy convention for werewolf lovers is back, and taking over the Red Lion at the Quay, in Vancouver, WA over the weekend of February 7th & 8th. That’s literally across the river from Portland, and just a 3-hour drive from Seattle. (more…)