BloodRunner, for people who want to be chased by werewolves across a Malaysian cityscape

Want to run over 6 miles through an urban obstacle course in Malaysia while being terrorized by werewolves? Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Like an actual, literal nightmare. But if you like running and you happen to be in Putrajaya on July 31st, check out BloodRunner.

Held on the eve of a full moon, and culminating in a festival featuring local entertainment and food, this 10k run actually sounds like a lot of fun. From the event’s Facebook page:

BloodRunner is a howling fun 10km challenge that combines the urban streets of Malaysia and the natural trails with a few surprises in store. Be prepared to face physical and mental obstacles with theatrics that will pump up your adrenaline and have your blood coursing through your veins.

The event is being organized by Sw1tch Strategies Sdn Bhd, which seems like a consulting company for events and marketing, and it’s receiving support from Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture. The director of Sw1tch Strategies told Hype Malaysia that the event “is the brainchild of a vision shared among industry friends and colleagues to showcase Malaysian ingenuity and our ability to create an event of international calibre.” The goal is to expand the event to multiple locations across the country, and eventually the world.

It sounds like The Color Run but twice the distance and with werewolves. I’m getting ready to run a 10k next Sunday, and while I’m excited to participate (and that I’m finally in shape enough to run that far without dying), my experience is going to be lacking in werewolves. Unless I wear a mask myself…

Registration for BloodRunner opens April 15th. There are 5,000 tickets available, starting at RM98 ($27 US). Sign up for more info at the official site, and keep an eye on Instagram and Twitter for some hopefully insane photos on August 1st.